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   Chapter 1299 Be Handcuffed

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The cyan dragon answered Zen's query. There were differences among supreme worlds. In fact, neither the Genuine Dragon World nor the Purple Power World was considered to be a complete supreme world. The mass of vitality of heaven and earth in these two worlds was similar to that of the Lower World.

Zen nodded his head in understanding. It was then that the armored warrior saw the reaction of the Soul Sea Realm warriors and laughed out loud. "Look at these fools! Ha-ha! Each time we open a well, we see it happen. It's too funny!"

The Soul Sea Realm warriors in the well were still angry, but they could not do anything about it. The sensation of their life vitality rolling inside their bodies was too unbearable. No one wished to float up the well.

"It looks like there aren't any people worth mentioning in this well. All right then. You should slowly get used to it." The armored warrior backed out as he finished speaking.

Since the enchanted barrier sealing the well had disappeared, there was no need for Zen to stay in the well water any longer. The Vitality Pressure had no effect on him at all. Quick as a flash, he leaped out of the well and landed next to it.

His gaze swept across the area, and a look of surprise marred his face. He did not expect there to be so many wells around him.

Next to him were a number of wells densely packed together. Not far away from them were more than ten armored warriors searching along the wells one by one. 'There are a lot of Ascending Wells. Does that mean there are other Soul Sea Realm warriors in each of the wells? There could be hundreds of them. That's the number of Soul Sea Realm warriors who have only come from the Lower World, '

Zen reflected and could not help but sigh.

Meanwhile, his sudden appearance had alarmed the armored warriors around him.

Zen stood by the side of the well and immediately attracted their attention. Under their helmets, their gazes were focused on him, full of astonishment.

"What? Am I daydreaming?"

"Wasn't the enchanted barrier just removed from the well? How could someone adapt to the Vitality Pressure in such a short time?"

"What a strange man!"

A few of the warriors gazed unblinkingly at Zen.

"You all have failed to realize the main point here. This young man is not just strange, he is the strangest of them all. Can't you see? He is only at the Life and Death Realm!" an armored warrior voiced out.

Many of the warriors were stunned as they realized this.

The armored warriors were all at the Soul Sea Realm. Their mission was to guide the warriors who had just ascended from the Lower World. Over the years, the number of warriors they guided had only increased.

A vast majority of the warriors stayed in the

in experience before finding out the whereabouts of his sister.

Once his strength increased, he would be able to help Lavender return to the Demon Night race. The best course of action would be to help her get rid of her opponent. Then he would help the cyan dragon build a Heavenly Body.

Of course, each of these goals was more difficult than the last.

For instance, Lavender's own strength was on par with a world lord, and her opponent's too. With Zen's current strength, it would be too unrealistic for him to confront a world lord. If he wanted to achieve this goal of his, it would take him a long time.

As for helping the cyan dragon build a Heavenly Body, it was not going to be simple either. To find Yan would be the hardest to achieve. At the same time, it was his most important aim. The commendable strength of the young man who had her was still imprinted on Zen's mind. His own strength could not match his one in ten million. The gap between them was just too big.

Time was still tight for Zen. He did not feel the slightest bit relaxed.

He had just ascended to the Upper World, but now he was about to be locked up like a criminal. It would be strange if he were happy to be enslaved.

Seeing the displeasure on Zen's face, the armored warriors too grew unhappy. In their eyes, Zen was perhaps the best among the warriors who had just ascended to the Upper World, but he was still from the Lower World. His cultivation was only at the Life and Death Realm.

"It is the rule. Regardless of whether or not you follow the rules, you must serve in the sacred place. You have no choice," one of the armored warriors said with a smile. "Don't make things difficult for us now."

Zen thought for a moment before nodding in resignation. He extended his hands and allowed the armored warrior to handcuff him.

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