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   Chapter 1298 The Vitality Pressure

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Only after a breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm could one ascend to the Upper World. This had almost become the law of the universe.

The warriors in the Ascending Well were all at the Soul Sea Realm, but what was a Life and Death Realm warrior doing here?

When the woman dressed in plain clothes had talked about ascending to a foreign race, she had been quietly paying attention to Zen, for she had sensed that he was the calmest of the lot even though he was only at the Life and Death Realm. Zen wasn't pretending to be poised though; it was his usual state. He kept composure at all times, which implied that his warrior spirit was very stable.

It was true that the rest of the warriors were at the Soul Sea Realm. So far, their warrior spirits had withstood the ravages of time and danger. However, it was still difficult for them to keep poised as Zen.

Which was why the woman in plain clothes was all the more curious about Zen.

"The water in this square well is comfortable, but it is not appropriate for us to keep soaking in it like this! Let's get out fast!" one of the warriors voiced out.

This suggestion was immediately echoed by the others. One of them swam to the well's surface, floating toward its mouth.

However, just when the warrior was halfway, a muffled sound escaped him. It was as if his head had hit an invisible wall. All of a sudden, he fell back into the well.

"What is going on?"

"There seems to be a transparent door at the top."

The others were befuddled and wanted to know what had happened.

Zen shot an indifferent glance toward the top of the square well before leaping up himself and reaching out to touch the void.

Sure enough, there was an invisible enchanted barrier at the opening of well. If one wished to break through, one had to unfasten this enchanted barrier first...

Zen was confident in his own strength, but he didn't dare act on it. He was unfamiliar with this place, so it was better not to act rashly for now. Although he wasn't afraid of trouble, he didn't want to cause mayhem for no reason either.


Sinking back into the water of the well, Zen said faintly, "There is indeed an enchanted barrier above. It must have been set up by someone else."

The warriors in the well nodded at this. They looked at Zen curiously, the bearded warrior becoming more and more curious as he stared. Suddenly, he laughed. "You are only at the Life and Death Realm, so how did you ascend here? There is something entirely wrong with this picture."

"That's right. You're just a Life and Death Realm warrior, but you can ascend to the Upper World! I've never heard of such a thing before!"

"I was thinking that I was the weakest among this lot when I flew to the Upper World because I have only just created the Soul Sea. Never thought to find a Life

ife vitality in his body. After practicing the Primal Chaos Technique, Zen's cinnabar field had undergone a tremendous change. There was only the chaotic energy present within it which could not be activated by this frantic vitality between heaven and earth.

Zen looked at the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm strangely. "The vitality between heaven and earth is manic and difficult to tame and absorb. But should these warriors truly react like this?" he asked the cyan dragon. The Soul Sea Realm warriors could not tolerate this vitality between heaven and earth. Then what about the other warriors in the supreme world?

The resources in the supreme world were abundant, but not all warriors were at the Soul Sea Realm. There would be countless mortals, nature creatures, and others at the Illuminating Soul Realm...

If even the Soul Sea Realm warriors could not bear it, how did the nature creatures survive?

The cyan dragon's smile flickered in Zen's mind. "There is nothing strange about it. The reason for it is simple. For fish living in the deep sea, it is difficult to survive in the shallow waters. If we force them out of the deep waves, I'm afraid their bodies would explode and then die."

"I know. That is because of the water pressure there," Zen said, nodding.

"Yes, the vitality between heaven and earth can also cause this because of the Vitality Pressure. These warriors might be at the Soul Sea Realm, but they require an adjustment period to adapt to this new environment. After this short time, they won't feel so uncomfortable," the cyan dragon replied.

"But when I went to the Genuine Dragon World, I didn't feel this kind of Vitality Pressure," Zen said.

Not only had Zen been to the Genuine Dragon World, he had been to the Purple Power World as well. Letitia and Margaret had also entered it, but they did not feel anything strange.

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