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   Chapter 1297 The Ascending Well

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Zen was enveloped by the bright silver light. He flew faster and higher with every passing minute.

An invisible force pushed him away from the plane and towards the boundless sky.

Living beings that were too powerful were usually excluded from the plane. But the Celestial Position warriors had probably used some kind of a secret technique to avoid the repelling force. It was like a person sinking into the water, not knowing how to swim and finding it difficult to overcome the buoyant force.

If Zen ever had the urge to return to the great world in the future, he would probably have to master this secret technique.

He looked down at the dark continents. At first, he could vaguely see lights from large cities like Cloudy City and Oracle City. But as he continued to fly upwards, the continents shrank in his field of vision.

Soon after, he could look at the Divine Kingdom Continent and the Central Region.

The sound of the wind mixed with a metallic noise gave rise to strong gales that assaulted him.

These all-conquering gales, however, couldn't cause any damage to Zen right now. The bright silver light had formed a special protective layer. Normal attacks would only pierce through his body, without causing any damage to him.

Once he passed through the layer of gales, Zen continued to rise.

He had already experienced this when he had practiced the Stellar Body. But at the time, he had relied on the gravitational force of the stars to activate his perception to soar. And now, it was his physical body that was roaming the skies. This, however, was not his own strength. He was borrowing the power of the great world's repulsion.

As he drew further and further away from the great world, his connection with it also grew weaker. A thought suddenly struck him at this.

In the great world, he could freely transfer his power to any place in the world. But would he still be able to do it now that he had left the great world?

Possessing the miraculous ability of transferring power made Zen invincible in this plane. No matter how strong the power was, it couldn't do any substantive damage to Zen, unless the power was so great that even the entire great world could not hold it in. The great world would be destroyed if the power were to be that strong.

But would he still be able to do that after leaving the great world?

As he thought this, Zen tried to transfer his power but in vain. He smiled wryly. The transfer of power was no longer effective.

He had lost this important ability after he had left

ntinued, "I've heard that some of the Upper World's sacred places would use the Ascending Well to bring warriors from all over the universe. And I think this is that Ascending Well. I just don't know which human sacred place we have ascended to."

"Must it be a human sacred place? What if it's another race's sacred place?" a bearded man asked, eyebrows raised slightly.

The plain-clothed girl answered him, "It can't be, because there is a mysterious between link among different members of the same race. But I've also heard that there were indeed situations where warriors ascended into other races' supreme worlds. For example, if a human sacred place has just been taken away by the ogres, and we have ascended to this place, I'm afraid-" she hesitated.

"Afraid of what?" a tall, thin warrior prompted.

The girl smiled faintly and said, "We will have no chance of survival if we fall into the hands of the ogres."

The others were taken aback at her words.

In the Lower World, only top-level powerhouses could reach the Soul Sea Realm and ascend to the Upper World. They had impatiently chosen to leave the Lower World because they were eager to realize their ambitions. They wanted to reach higher realms and pursue supreme martial arts.

But they would be doomed if they ascended into the wrong places, or even fell into the hands of the ogres or other cruel races.

All of them were afraid - afraid of dying before they could even achieve something.

The girl smiled at their expressions. "Don't be afraid. This rarely happens. Our luck isn't that bad!" Her gaze landed on Zen once she had finished speaking. How could he only have the cultivation of the Life and Death Realm?

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