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   Chapter 1296 Ascending

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It was only after a warrior entered the Soul Sea Realm that he would be repelled by the great world since, it was only during this time that a world would've formed inside his body.

Zen was only at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm so he shouldn't be feeling the repelling force yet. Why had it come so early?

Besides, hadn't he already fused with the world's will? Why was it rejecting him then?

He wanted an answer to his questions but it wasn't something that the great world would be able to provide for him. Besides, the world's will was not born out of a singular being but of a collection of all living creatures. To question it was folly.

Still, Zen tried as hard as he could to fight off the repelling force by culling his cultivation.

To his surprise, his resistance consumed all his strength. "This is not right!" he muttered to himself in confusion.

During his investigation of the four divine kingdoms and the Sea God Continent through the great world's will, Zen noticed that Amber and the other Soul Sea Realm masters had also felt the repelling force but were able to easily suppress it. In short, it didn't cause as much trouble to them as it did to Zen who wasn't even supposed to feel it in the first place!

Ever since he broke through to the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm, the formless repelling force only grew stronger day by day. It almost grew exponentially.

At first he was relaxed and comforted himself with the fact that he'd be able to resist it if he exerted enough effort.

However, the following days proved him wrong.

The second day was fine and he only felt a mild feeling of repellence. On the third day, however, the force was so strong that it completely distracted him from his cultivation.

By the fourth day, his struggle was already very apparent from the bitter look on his face. As the days passed, Zen had to continually use more and more power to suppress the repelling force.

Letitia had noticed this sudden change in his behavior and was extremely worried thinking that he was unwell.

However, this couldn't be possible since his level of cultivation rendered him immune to any kind of disease. There was no way that his suffering was brought on by some kind of ailment.

When she asked him what was wrong, Zen tried to play it cool and assured her that he was okay.

However, on the fifth day, Zen was unable to bear it anymore. He quickly gathered his three wives and told them the truth: that he was being repelled by the great world and would soon have to leave them for his inevitable ascension.

The shock was clearly painted upon his three wives' beautiful faces.

They knew for a fact that Zen would one day ascend to the Upper World. It was his fate and they had long since accepted that a person as mighty as him was bound to go to a higher place. However, he was still at the fifth level of the Life and Death Realm! Why was the great world taking him away from them so soon?

They wanted to shout, to cry, to hold onto him for dear life but the suffering etched on their husband's face was too much for them to bear.

Letitia felt particularly depressed o

ia merely shook her head. "It wasn't the right time."

Margaret shook her head but smiled. "It doesn't matter. I'll tell him when I meet him!"

Letitia stared at Margaret. "What do you mean?" she asked, feeling some sort of strangeness in her heart at Margaret's words.

"Nothing," Margaret said. "I'll be leaving Central Region tomorrow. I'm going to go straight to the Ethereal Spirit Sect and bid farewell to my great-grandfather and Brent!"

"You're going to the Purple Power World?" Letitia asked.

Despite that Zen hadn't told her outright, Letitia knew Zen wanted her to take care of both Margaret and Aura in his stead considering that she was now the most powerful warrior in Central Region.

Margaret nodded. "Yes!" she said with a smug face. With Zen gone, Margaret returned to her original wilful manner.

"I forbid you to leave," Letitia ordered with a frown. She didn't expect this at all.

But how could Margaret possibly listen to Letitia? She let out a snort, "You have no right to stop me!"

Letitia knew this very well, of course she had no right to tell Margaret where she could go. However, there was a selfish reason behind Letitia's reaction.

On the day of her wedding, she too had seen the old man from the Celestial Position speaking to Margaret. She assumed that their conversation had something to do with her Purple Power Body. Now that she had confirmed her suspicions, she was hesitant in letting Margaret leave. Letitia knew that once Margaret entered the Purple Power World and cultivated, she would advance way faster than she ever could and be able to ascend to the Upper World sooner.

The two bickered about this for a while, not noticing Aura who had grown quiet beside them.

Aura knew that she was the weakest among the three of them which meant she would have to put in ten times the effort in order to catch up. It would be hard but her determination had soared towards new heights. She was dead-set in working hard to be able to ascend and see Zen again one day.

What she didn't know was that, in the future, she would also have her own fortune.

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