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   Chapter 1295 Improving Too Fast

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Several bright, silver lights shot up to the sky after Turner called a meeting. Only half of the Soul Sea Realm masters stayed and rushed towards the imperial palace, choosing to obey his command instead. Those that obeyed were mostly people who had a good relationship with Turner, with some coming from the Zhou family.

Dozens of bright lights scattered all throughout the sky with the Soul Sea Realm warriors' ascension. It was a wondrous sight that left all citizens of the four divine kingdoms in awe.

Titles had been handed over, management of family affairs had been imparted and instructions to disciples had already been given. The Soul Sea Realm masters could ascend peacefully to the Upper World.

Turner, War King Wind, Scott, and War Emperor York watched solemnly as they watched their subordinates ascend to the Upper World before them. Though happy for this opportunity, their hearts were a bit heavy at the thought of falling behind because of their responsibilities. They did not enjoy the same level of freedom as these warriors. They were emperors who needed to do more than just give a list of instructions to their descendants in order to ensure proper management of kingdom affairs.

It would be quite a while before they could ascend with no worries.

War Emperor York was especially infuriated. Almost all of York Divine Kingdom's Soul Sea Realm masters had chosen to ascend with only one opting to remain - his younger brother.

It didn't help that they all readily chose to go their way the instant the passageway was repaired, completely ignoring War Emperor York's summons. He had wanted to threaten them, to tell them that he would wipe out their clans if they ascended without his permission. However, he held himself back. He was also bound to ascend at some point. What if the enemies he made now came back and sought revenge on his clan once he left? It wasn't practical to lose his clan over a momentary feeling of rage.

Still, he couldn't help but grit his teeth at the sight of the illuminated sky. He had never been a magnanimous ruler and had treated his kingdom's Soul Sea Realm warriors harshly. Now that they had been presented with a way out of his bondage, it was no surprise that none of them were willing to obey him and they chose to escape from his clutches instead.

There were considerably more Soul Sea Realm warriors that chose to stay from the other three divine kingdoms. However, the number was still terribly low and the Divine Kingdom Continent would be sure to see a reshuffling of powers among the four divine kingdoms. Gone was the age of the Soul Sea Realm masters, replaced by the emergence of the Life and Death Realm warriors who now had the oppor

e kept rising steadily and Lavender's soul was also slowly recovering in the Soul Nurturing Wood.

As for Brianna…

Zen had helped her communicate with the cyan dragon several times. According to him, there was no way to remove the Soul Sealing Spell while in the Lower World. She would have to return to the Upper World for that.

However, it would be impossible for Zen to bring her along once he ascended in the future.

There was a simple method to send her back through the Dragon Soar Arena but this suggestion of his was quickly shot down by both Brianna and the cyan dragon.

Even though Brianna belonged to the Genuine Dragon race, she refused to return due to some conflicts with the other members. When Zen heard this, he quickly dropped the idea.

He was left with no choice but to place her body deep inside Cloud Hall and have people guard it closely.

He would just have to ascend to the Upper World, find a solution, and then return to the Lower World at some point in the future to help her remove the Soul Sealing Spell.

Zen continued to improve as his cultivation base kept rising rapidly. He soon experienced his fourth life-and-death tribulation, just three months after his third.

As his cultivation base rose, the intervals between the tribulations grew shorter and shorter.

Truth be told, Zen had almost wanted to purposely impede the improvement of his cultivation. It was just a peaceful point in his life wherein he could relax and spend as much time as he wanted with his girls. However, there was no stopping his lightning-fast improvement.

He told himself that he would try to suppress himself from ascending even if he reached the Soul Sea Realm.

But after his fifth life-and-death tribulation, it seemed that the great world suddenly began to reject him.

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