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   Chapter 1294 A Mad Rush To Ascend

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'It's the Shadow Creature!'

Suddenly Zen's head throbbed.

The black hook seemed to be made from the bones of some animal and it was incredibly fast. It charged straight at Zen, trying to drag him into the space crack.

But he was quick to react. Coincidentally, a gale swept over him. He immediately followed the gale and floated slightly in the air. His body suddenly drifted a couple of feet horizontally and dodged the hook just in time!

The black hook missed its target and continued hovering in the air. Then it actually turned around and chased after Zen once again.

"Cloud-chasing Skill!"

How could Zen afford to stop?

Even the seven Spirit Supreme Realm masters of the Celestial Position had fled for their lives in the face of the Shadow Creature. If he were to get dragged into this crack, he would be doomed.


The storm contained a strong Wind Law. As he employed the Cloud-chasing Skill, the forceful energy within his body also erupted, giving Zen an amazing boost. His speed reached its peak.

However, the black hook too sped up as it chased him. It seemed determined not to give up until it caught Zen!

"Oh no! Why can't I escape it?" Zen's perception told him that the black hook was moving faster and getting closer to him. His expression darkened.

When the black hook was only a dozen feet away from him, Zen suddenly turned around mid-flight, and the power within his body shot out crazily. If he could not escape it, he could at least try his best to get out. This was what was on his mind.

However, there was a dramatic turn of events at this point. As Zen was focusing on fleeing, the hook suddenly straightened up. Although the tip of the hook was still emitting rays of cold light, it paused and couldn't move from its spot at all…

Zen's eyes glistened as a smile appeared on his face. The hook wasn't long enough to reach him.

This hook was released by the Shadow Creature from the back side of the world. The hook could leave the back of the world, but the Shadow Creature couldn't.

In the next moment, the black hook retracted with a whoosh. It seemed as if the Shadow Creature had given up.

However, Zen didn't dare to drop his guard. The Shadow Creatures seemed to be active on the back side of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. He was not sure what these creatures wanted to do with him, but it would definitely not be a wise decision to stay here. So he immediately sped away towards Central Region.

Indeed, just as Zen had guessed, space cracks appeared now and then and hooks emerged from them to chase after Zen on the way back too.

But Zen managed to escape in time when the space cracks appeared and the hooks stretched out. He had never been caught by any hook in his mad dash.

This hot pursuit continued all the way to the edge of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, only then did th


They had dreamed of the day they could ascend to the Upper World. The appearance of this mighty force was great news for them.

Five minutes after the repelling force appeared, a bright silver light erupted from the Harlen Divine Kingdom and shot up towards the sky.

"Damn! Who is this guy that is flying away? Why the hell he is in such a mad rush?" Turner cursed as he stood watching this scene from the palace of the Harlen Divine Kingdom.

The powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm in the four divine kingdoms had been waiting for this moment for countless years. No matter how anxious everyone was, they couldn't risk ascending recklessly!

The four divine kingdoms had a good relationship with each other, and it was the strength of each divine kingdom that maintained the peace among them. If all the Soul Sea Realm masters in the Harlen Divine Kingdom ascended to the Upper World and only Turner was left, how could the divine kingdom continue its reign?

It was a crisis situation, so Turner immediately summoned all the Soul Sea Realm masters in the Harlen Divine Kingdom to the palace.

The problem was that all the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm wanted to ascend to the Upper World. They could have immediately ascended to the Upper World after entering the Soul Sea Realm, but the truth was that most of them had been stuck at the Soul Sea Realm for countless years with no scope of ascending. Now they were in a mad rush to ascend to the Upper World and nobody could stop them, not even Turner!

'Everyone recognizes you as the ruler of the divine kingdom, and once I ascend to the Upper World, I might still regard you as my king for the sake of our old friendship. But if you think you can stop me from ascending to the Upper World, then you must be dreaming!' Most of the Soul Sea Realm masters in the Harlen Divine Kingdom had this same thought in their minds.

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