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   Chapter 1293 The Hook In Shadow

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At the same time, the divine textures began to emit a faint halo of light, as if some mysterious power was wakening up. The halo was revolving around the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

And then, something incredible happened! The entire mountain itself shook and slowly rose up from the sea!

The Magnetic Sacred Mountain, in appearance, was not so different from an ordinary mountain; it was about ten thousand feet tall and proportionately wide. However, it was definitely a lot heavier than an ordinary mountain. The latter was made of commonplace rocks, while the Magnetic Sacred Mountain was made of magnetic stones.

These magnetic stones were tough, and slightly heavier than common rocks. They contained the power of five different elements, which prevented any type of law from invading them. That was the reason why the mountain could not be destroyed by knives or swords. There were other mountains in this world too. Some were the type which contained a lot of rich and pure iron ore. In fact, they might have been much heavier than the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. However, they were useless to Zen and he wasn't going to refine them.

As Zen continued to ascend, the part of the mountain which had been immersed in the sea gradually rose up towards the surface. Finally, the entire mountain left the sea level and floated in the air.

Some living beings that had gathered on the mountain left their nests and jumped into the sea, startled by the sudden change in atmosphere.

At that moment, Zen's finger gently flicked and dozens of drops of blood left his body.

"Blood Refinement Technique!"

To take ownership of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, not only did Zen need to set up the six-star divine textures, but there was also a more important part: the Blood Refinement Technique which was recorded in the "Myriad Manifestations of Nature".

After the drops of blood had flowed out of Zen's body, they slowly rotated and revolved around in the air. Under the circulation of the Blood Refinement Technique, they then began to merge with one another and quickly formed a palm-sized, blood-refined rune.

The blood-refined rune continued to spin around and began to descend towards the gigantic mountain underneath it.

The Magnetic Sacred Mountain was enhanced by the power of five elements, so it was hard to collect it because no matter which type of law was used, it wouldn't be able to react completely with the mountain. However, the Blood Refinement Technique had a miraculous effect in refining the mountain.

It was because of this reason that Zen had begun to admire his master more and more. However, he didn't know whether or not the various secret techniques within the "Myriad Manifestations of Nature" were all created by his master. Maybe his master had collected them while he was travelling.

As Zen's blood-refined rune hit the mountain, the mountain began to shake at a much faster speed. Finally, it began to rotate at a pace which was comparable to that of the drops of blood and the blood-refined rune.


Thus, not only could these thirty three divine textures be used to destroy the power of the five elements of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, even the most powerful sect-protecting arrays would become as fragile as an eggshell if they were attacked in this way.

However, the Magnetic Sacred Mountain would be strong again once it recovered its power of the five elements. And that was when it would come in handy. At that time, Soul Sea Realm powerhouses could do nothing to the mountain, and even Spirit Supreme Realm martial artists could only sigh in helplessness if they encountered this mountain. If they wanted to break it by force, they would probably need five or even seven layers of Law Power. However, there weren't too many supreme warriors with such Law Power in the Upper World, so the mountain would definitely be a great support for Zen in his future endeavors.

Zen had obtained the Magnetic Sacred Mountain now and his goal had been achieved. However, just as he was collecting the mountain, his heart suddenly skipped a beat as an extremely uncomfortable feeling arose within his heart. His sixth sense was telling him something!

"It seems like someone is spying on me." Zen's brow creased as he swept his gaze across the area, spreading out his senses at the same time.

The wind blades swept and the waves churned, but there was nothing else in the world. Not a single living soul. As for those living beings in the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, Zen had made them suffer bitterly, so they had hidden deep and wouldn't dare to show up.

Zen could not find any living creature spying on him, but the wariness in his heart grew even stronger by the minute.

Right at that moment, a crack suddenly appeared in the space not far behind him. In fact, it looked like the very fabric of space had been cut open by someone. In that hole, it was pitch-black. It looked like the reverse side of the world where even sunlight couldn't reach. At the same time, a long black hook shot out of it and rushed straight towards Zen.

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