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   Chapter 1292 Rise Up

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The three thousand black wind blades had only left a tiny cut on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

But only one double-colored wind blade was necessary to make a ten-foot-deep cut into the mountain.

There was no getting around the fact that the difference in power of the two types of wind blades was immensely large.

If a golden wind blade's power was equal to that of ten thousand double-colored wind blades, then one golden wind blade would be enough to cut right through the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

All Zen needed to do was to attract a single golden wind blade—if he managed to do so, it would save him heaps of time and energy. It would have been the perfect solution, except that there were over a hundred golden wind blades chasing after him simultaneously.

If he led all of them to the mountain, their collective strength would be excessive. 'Where can I transfer all the extra power?' Zen thought in frustration, furrowing his brows.

Should he transfer it to the Divine Kingdom Continent or the Central Region? The blades' terrifying power would probably wreck the Divine Kingdom Continent to pieces.

Without any sound solution at the moment, Zen decided to flee.

Fortunately for him, he had fast enough reflexes and a quick mind—right after noticing the golden blades were after him, he flew as fast and far as he could to evade them in an instant. With that, he made sure to maintain a safe distance from the threat behind him—in spite of all the precautions he had taken, the thought of a hundred golden blades flying after him at top speed was enough to send shivers down his spine.

Zen was well aware of what the blades could do to him. With such power not far behind him, he knew that he would never be truly safe. 'The blades can easily catch up with me in a fraction of a second, ' he thought, beads of sweat running down his temples.

At that moment, he gave up on thinking of a solution—he was somewhat unwilling to let the Divine Kingdom Continent and Central Region take the blades' damage. He wouldn't have the Sea God Continent take the hit too. If the blades managed to catch up to him, he would probably have to sacrifice the savage land after peeling off the mountain.

Suddenly, a brilliant thought came to his mind. "I have a token with the word 'mountain' on it. It should allow me to enter the fairy palace!"

Just as he was readying himself to stage his plan, the golden wind blades stalled and began circling the air. In the next moment, they did a 180-degree turn and moved away from Zen.

Puzzled, Zen stopped mid-flight when he saw the blades moving in the opposite direction. With a smile, he muttered, "They really are intelligent, huh?" Zen sighed in relief as he observed the golden wind blades disappear into the distance—that was too close an encounter.

As he began to analyze what had happened, he realized one thing—the golden wind blades didn't

rength had a qualitative change. But at the moment, he was facing mere tenth-level beasts. Although their strength was comparable to that of the Life and Death Realm warriors, their intelligence was far inferior.

Still, the chaotic energy also had a weakness.

The life vitality was created by nature—if a warrior's life vitality was used up, he would be able to continuously absorb the vitality of heaven and earth to replenish it. If one wanted to do it quicker, one could make use of the life vitality crystal.

Normally, the chaotic energy could only be refined and created within the warrior's body. But according to the deduction of Zen's master, everything in the world evolved from chaos. In turn, everything could be turned into chaos. Because Zen had yet to cultivate to such a state, he had to endure his weakness for the time being—it was still impossible for him to do anything.

The sword attack had killed dozens of tenth-level and ninth-level beasts—the creatures came to realize that Zen was indeed, very powerful. At that moment, they all ran for their lives.

Fortunately for them, Zen had no intention of chasing after them. In the first place, he had no clue why the ferocious beasts attacked him—perhaps they knew that he was going to move the Magnetic Sacred Mountain away. Still, Zen knew that he had destroyed the home they had inhabited for tens of thousands of years. If the creatures hadn't recklessly attacked him, he didn't have the heart to kill them.

After chasing the beasts away, Zen swiftly laid out all the divine textures on the mountain. After finalizing the preparations, he began activating the textures one after another according to the method recorded in the Myriad Manifestations of Nature. Then, he returned to the very top of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain and activated the final divine texture. Suddenly, Zen slammed his palm hard on the surface of the mountain as he shouted, "Rise up!"

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