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   Chapter 1291 Are They Intelligent

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When he saw the wind blade, Zen got pleased, with a hint of joy on his face. He had finally discovered the black wind blade!

Realizing that the black wind blade didn't shoot in the right direction, Zen swiftly adjusted his direction and headed straight towards it.


With a muffled sound, the wind blade that contained the fifth layer of Wind Law directly hit Zen's chest!

"Power Transfer!"

When the black wind blade hit his chest, Zen ensured to simultaneously use the will of the great world to search for the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

After that, Zen's gaze faintly flickered. An indistinct white mark became visible at the bottom of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

The wind blade containing the fifth layer of Wind Law could only leave a faint mark. So how long would it take him to cut this massive Magnetic Sacred Mountain?

There was a trace of depression in his face.

But Zen resolutely would not give up that easily. During his stay in the Central Region, he not only focused on cultivating, but he also needed to prepare to fly into the Upper World.

He quite fully understood then that preparedness ensured success and unpreparedness spelled failure. Since he was able to achieve it with a small price, why wouldn't he do it?

So he continued moving forward. As he plodded on, he mentally noted that the number of black wind blades increased, while the number of cyan wind blades decreased.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!"

The moving tracks of the black wind blades were different, and Zen could only try his best to use his body to collide with them. With this constant collisions, streams of power kept transferring to the bottom of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

"Ten streams of power..."

"One hundred...

"One thousand..."

In the eyes of the onlookers, these black wind blades were deadly, seeming to represent the death god. But it was not for Zen as he could not wait to charge at them.

He swiftly hit them! Soon he had been able to smash three thousand black wind blades! When Zen checked the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, the power of the three thousand wind blades was transferred by him to the bottom.

And now, he had finally cut a little part of the mountain, leaving a tiny cut as thick as a thumb!

Witnessing this scene, Zen couldn't help feeling disappointed. He was speechless!

His effort of gathering the power of thousands of black wind blades only left a tiny mark on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

He deduced that a large mountain was always thin at the top part, and was massive at the bottom. How many black wind blades would it take to peel off the Magnetic Sacred Mountain from its base? Would it need hundreds of millions or even billions of wind blades?

If so, it might be impossible for Zen to execute that with the wind blades alone. Although there were a lot of black wind blades in the storm, and they were distributed in the sky above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars, but they would not r

center of this storm. He wasn't afraid of the double-colored wind blades. It was just that if he encountered some powerful creatures at the center of this storm, dealing with them would be impossible for him. Might he be able to escape by then?

After a brief moment of hesitation, Zen braced himself, as he gritted his teeth and charged forward.

As he made his way towards the center of the storm, he met more and more double-colored wind blades. Every single two-colored wind blade was able to leave a ten-foot-deep cut on the Magnetic Sacred Mountain. Although this mountain was huge, it would eventually peel off under such attacking and cutting of the wind blades. Zen's mental state eventually became stable.

However, just after Zen advanced for about two hundred miles, he discovered a new type of wind blade. It was a golden wind blade!

What was stranger was that they were not like those ordinary wind blades which shot into all directions. Instead, they gathered and moved together, like a flock of birds flying smoothly in the air.

"Are these wind blades intelligent?" Zen was amazed as he stared at the golden wind blades.

So to speak, the wind blades were the things created in a storm. The stronger the wind blade was, the higher the level of Wind Law it contained. But no matter how powerful the wind blade was, it might not be able to produce a pearl of wisdom. To put it bluntly, it was nothing but just a gust of wind.

There were too many mysteries in this universe that were left unsolved. And Zen fused with the will of the great world, making him all-powerful and invincible, but sadly some things still confused him.

While Zen was too engrossed in observing the clumps of golden wind blades, some of them noticed him. One of the golden wind blades circled in the distance, and the other golden wind blades also started chasing after him!


At that unexpected turn of event, this was the only thought that crossed his mind.

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