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   Chapter 1290 Cut The Mountain With Wind Blades

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It couldn't be denied—the breadth of Zen's master's knowledge far exceeded his expectations.

The book entitled "Myriad Manifestations of Nature" was a record of some of the universe's extremely powerful and unique items, including the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Not only was its refining method recorded in the book, but a number of other aspects went above and beyond Zen's imagination. But because the materials for refining the mountain were rare, Zen had yet to find them.

Although the origin of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain wasn't wholly clear, it indeed existed in the great world. At the very least, it was not owned by anyone.

If only the Soul Sea Realm masters of the four divine kingdoms could move the mountain, the mountain would have already settled on the Divine Kingdom Continent.

But even while Zen finally had the method of collecting the Magnetic Sacred Mountain, there were still a number of hurdles to overcome.

A violent storm had been hanging above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars since many years ago—its wind blades were a great threat to even the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors. Although Zen had already consecutively advanced two grades and currently stood at the third grade of the Life and Death Realm, it was too unrealistic for him to attempt to block the wind blades with the strength he had.

An important point to note was that the most crucial part about collecting the Magnetic Sacred Mountain was stripping off the bottom of the mountain. It was such a sturdy structure that not even dozens of Soul Sea Realm masters could destroy it—Zen couldn't even dream of doing so.

After a moment of pondering, Zen came up with a plan.

At this time, the World Commercial Alliance suddenly released a message requesting all kinds of rare materials. Although these materials more or less appeared in the Central Region, they were extremely difficult to obtain.

But brave men after great rewards never ran out. After all, how many people in the world could truly resist such temptations?

Some of the materials had been kept in certain clans for generations. Now that they were sold at such a high price, they were all willing to sell them to the World Commercial Alliance.

All the materials collected were piecemeal before being sent to the Cloud Hall one after another. Because of the great purchase momentum, it caught the attention of many other sects. After some investigation, it was revealed that the World Commercial Alliance was only helping the Cloud Hall, or perhaps, to speak frankly, it was helping Zen

he world's will, Zen had already ascertained that the mountain was to the west of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. Instead of flying to the west, he flew south, going straight into the heart of the storm.

Of course, he wasn't planning on merely exploring the heart of the storm out of curiosity—it was a necessary step for what he intended to do. If there was some powerful creature in the center of it, he would be doomed.

While it was impossible for Zen to strip away the bottom of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain with his own strength, the power of the storm could be used instead.

The wind blades were indeed ridiculously powerful—Zen was positive that transferring this power to the mountain could do the trick.

One wind blade was probably not enough, but a hundred thousand, or maybe a million wind blades could work. Taking advantage of the wind blades, Zen believed the Magnetic Sacred Mountain could be removed from its base.

A concrete method had to be decided.

As Zen advanced to the center of the storm, the wind blades turned sharper and sharper. Even wind blades containing the third or fourth layer of Wind Law began appearing around him, the colors fluctuating from light to dark shades of cyan.

'It's not enough. These wind blades are enough to threaten me, but they can't shake the mountain, ' Zen thought, observing the blades sweeping around him. Even after he attempted to transfer the attacks to the bottom of the mountain, they had no trace of an effect on the mountain.

'I have to find those black wind blades!' Fixing his gaze on the blades, Zen continued to advance. After he had flown for about half a day, the first black wind blade finally appeared before him.

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