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   Chapter 1289 The Way To Collect The Magnetic Sacred Mountain

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A warrior paved his cultivation path towards a unique goal.

Some saw it as a road towards unlimited power and resources. Some saw it as a stepping stone to achieve recognition. Some saw it as an easy way to get beautiful women.

Zen, on the other hand, was obsessed with the practice of cultivation itself. His main motivation was not gold, power, or glory but the sheer interest he had for it.

In the past, Zen had created his very own sword move—the No Move. This time, he practiced a cultivation method that had been practiced by no one before. It was like walking a new, undiscovered path. He knew it was bound to be difficult, but he had faith that it would lead to a beautiful place.

The large fireball greatly alarmed the warriors of Cloud Hall, but they quickly calmed down when they heard that it was only Zen cultivating.

No one would dare argue nor admonish him. Zen, first and foremost, was a disciple of Cloud Hall's Elite House. Moreover, he was now also the number one warrior in Central Region and the husband of Cloud Hall's leader—nobody could really consider him as a mere disciple anymore.

Now that he had finished his goal of returning to the Eastern Region and taking Aura back, Zen could now rest and cultivate in peace here in Cloud Hall.

Aside from that, he was also blessed to be graced with the company of three beauties. It wasn't really as peaceful as he would've hoped since there was still a bit of conflict among them. None really entertained the notion of having to share a husband. Still, their dynamic worked.

Margaret was relatively carefree and spent most of her time teasing the Ancestral Dragon or idling by Zen's side. She should've, in theory, already made a breakthrough given the time and ample resources the Cloud Hall provided. Her Purple Power Body also gave her an innate advantage but the young woman just didn't take cultivation that seriously.

Margaret remained stuck at the early stage of the Internal Elixir Realm and did not seem to have any intention of improving herself—at least that was what Zen thought.

He actually had some doubts regarding this carefree lady of his. He hadn't forgotten that old man from the Celestial Position race. Zen had tried to use the memories of the world's will to find out what that old man and Margaret talked about back then, but he came up with nothing.

He figured that it might be because the old man was technically an outsider from this great world so he might not necessarily be able to find out any information about him. Marga

never used it, nor did he know the principle behind it.

However, the moment he activated the token, the information flooded through his mind and he suddenly was able to understand how it worked.

With this sudden influx of information, the image of the fairy palace appeared right in front of him. It was exactly the same as the one in Cloudy Mountain but relatively smaller in size.

Zen quickly stepped into this mini fairy palace and was suddenly transported inside. Despite appearing to him as a smaller version, the place he had stepped into was incomparably grand and huge. Of course, it was all an illusion shown to him by the token.

"So this is how it is supposed to be used," he remarked to himself. If he ever found himself in a pinch, he could take out the token and hide himself in this palace.

Since he was already here, Zen made it a point to head towards the library.

The library was an immense fountain of knowledge from which he could reap endless benefits.

Instead of searching for cultivation methods, Zen looked for and gathered information regarding weapon refining and divine texture writing.

Immortal Book whispered recommendations to his ear all throughout but Zen still managed to browse a few books he chose himself. In one of these books, he had unexpectedly managed to obtain some information regarding the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

According to the source, the Magnetic Sacred Mountain could actually be collected.

It contained the power of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. It was also extremely sturdy and unbreakable.

It was also the reason why nobody in the four divine kingdoms showed any intention of targeting it.

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