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   Chapter 1288 The Chaotic Energy

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Of all human sensations, pain demands the most tolerance. The fact that Zen was able to endure such intense torture for a long time without losing his mind was testament enough to the strength of his will.

When all the pain left his body, relief flooded his senses.

Half a year had passed, and he had overcome the torture.

Margaret and Letitia did not know that the pain had gone. As Zen straightened himself slowly, Margaret halted playing the zither while Letitia asked him softly, her voice expressing her deep concern, "Zen, are you alright?"

A mischievous thought came to his mind as he looked at the two women's faces. Deciding to play a trick, he shook his head slightly and affected an air of being in pain. "I...I'm afraid I can't make it this time," he coughed out.

Shadows immediately fell upon Letitia's and Margaret's faces at his words. Not far away, Aura, who had been praying for Zen, ran over to him in haste and held his hand.

The three women hovered over him in somber silence. Suddenly, Zen's arms shot out and pulled the three of them into his embrace. Margaret and Aura screamed; surprised gasps tickled his ears as he flew up into the sky and burst into laughter. He took them and jumped out of the Ice Palace's roof with them in his embrace.

Their worries fled as they floated in the air.

Aura's eyes were bright as she marveled at him. Zen's strong arms were wrapped around her securely, and she felt the warmth of his skin on her own. Margaret laughed as she pummeled his chest, playfully castigating him for playing such a dirty trick. It was only Letitia who was different. Her eyes were as sharp as daggers as she glared at him, anger written all over her face. The next moment, a white, cold mist rose up in the air.

"Hey! It's freezing," Margaret complained, her mood going sour at Letitia's actions.

The cold draft touched them with its icy fingers and the other two women shivered.

Letitia only let out a defiant "Humph" and slipped out from Zen's arms, returning to the Ice Palace.

The three women had been at peace for the past few months. It had been a standstill among them when Zed was unconscious, but now that he had recovered, the old discord had come to life once more. Jealousy was an emotion that could only be suppressed at most, but never dispelled or forgotten.

Zen could only smile wryly before he let go of Margaret and Aura. He then followed Letitia and entered the Ice Palace, wanting to soothe her.

That night, after he had bathed and changed his clothes, he sat alone on a platform in Cloud Hall. Letitia had calmed down after some time of coaxing, and he had some time in his hands. For the past months, he

of the Fire Law. He had never imagined that it would have that much power. The fireball spread out and was eventually covered by the circular "Light of Water." The light reflected and took the form of the sun.

"What unbelievable power!" Zen marveled at the sight.

He had been right to direct the fireball towards the sky. The lingering flames had ignited quite a number of parts of the Cloud Hall, but left everyone unharmed. After the fireball exploded, the light remained for some more moments before disappearing. The Cloud Hall was awake, with disciples running around in haste to put out the fire.

Zen gazed into the sky for some time even after all the light had disappeared. The cyan dragon's words about primal chaos lingered in his mind.

Other warriors trained their life vitality, which was a kind of energy created and bound by heavens. What Zen possessed now was chaotic energy, created by the primal chaos.

Just now, he had only used the chaotic energy to activate the Fire Law. How much more powerful would it be if he used the methods in the manual that his master had created? As Zen became more and more familiar with the chaotic energy inside him, his future achievement might exceed his master's expectations.

His master had created the Primal Chaos Technique, but he had not practiced it himself. At present, chaotic energy had completely replaced the life vitality within Zen's body. With this, he would be able to create his own cultivation method far beyond his master's limits.

Zen's chest beat wildly in anticipation. The future held endless possibilities. No one had walked this path before, and it would be incredibly difficult for Zen to learn on his own. But he believed that once he completed his journey, a new era would open up by his own hands.

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