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   Chapter 1287 The Extreme Pain

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Zen wasn't stupid to lock himself in with a Supreme Lord.

But thanks to Saul's explanation, Zen understood that the Death Chain would be of great use. He could lock an opponent whose strength was on par with his so that he wouldn't be able to escape.

Zen felt that the Death Chain was much more practical when compared to the Roaring Token. The decision was in his hands and he could decide whether or not he would use it.

Zen stuffed the Death Chain into his space ring, in no hurry to crush the remaining pieces. But he was anxious to figure out the cultivation method his master had just passed down to him.

His master, who had created and named the cultivation method, had poured it into Zen's mind. It was called the "Primal Chaos Technique." The name was rather simple; Zen suspected that his master was just too lazy to think of a suitable name.

But the strength of warriors did not depend on their names. Likewise, the strength of a cultivation method was not something that could be determined by its name either.

Zen was a little worried when it came to cultivating this method. After all, his master had only deduced it, and he himself had never practiced it. But if a cultivation method could be obtained and cultivated by many people, it wouldn't be valuable enough and Zen wouldn't take a fancy to it.

This cultivation method was different—no one had cultivated it before. If Zen started on this path, it would be one that no one had ever walked before. Who knew what he would find at the end?

Zen followed the method recorded in the manual and slowly condensed the life vitality in his belly. The wisp of chaotic energy that had disappeared, jumped back to life and whirred in his belly. It was at this moment that he finally understood what pain was.

Zen paled the instant the pain began shooting through his body. He was rooted to the spot, unable to move. Even his instinct to howl had disappeared.

"What's wrong?" Letitia asked nervously. When the three women saw that Zen seemed to have obtained some sort of inheritance after entering the book, they had become happy. But they became worried at the way he had paled so suddenly.

The pain originated from his cinnabar field, as if something was grinding his belly without stop. The cinnabar field was the most sensitive yet most important part of a warrior. The pain spread and stimulated every nerve in Zen's body.

Margaret rushed forward and asked nervously, "Zen, are you feeling alright

emely regretful. If he had known that it would be so painful, he wouldn't have practiced this cultivation method no matter what.

It was not that Zen's willpower was weak. He was not almighty. Even if his warrior spirit and willpower were stronger than those of ordinary warriors, this kind of pain was not something that any living being could endure. And Zen couldn't bear it either. Or maybe he could if he were a rock.

How could the three women even smile when they saw the pain that Zen was in?

Letitia fiercely guarded the Ice Palace. She let Saint Morphens take care of other matters that cropped up in the Cloud Hall.

As time went by, the time that Zen remained conscious became longer and longer. This kind of pain did not numb the body. Every time a wave of pain rippled through him, it made him feel like his head was about to explode. He would rather not wake up than endure this.

One day, Zen slowly came to consciousness, and the moment he woke up, he knew that he would have to spend a few more hours in torment.

But he could hear a melodious sound wafting in. Margaret was caressing the strings of her zither, just outside the Ice Palace. The music was so beautiful that it made Zen feel at ease.

Even though the music could not suppress the pain, Zen still felt slightly better. He struggled to get up, while Letitia, who had been waiting by his side for a countless number of days, immediately went up to support him. "Be careful," she said softly.

But as he rose, Zen suddenly discovered that the pain in his cinnabar field had disappeared. The torment that had lasted for almost half a year had suddenly disappeared!

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