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   Chapter 1286 The Death Chain

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What the hell was the Roaring Token?

Zen stared at Immortal Book in bewilderment.

Immortal Book shook his head, preparing to showcase his knowledge. But Saul intervened and said, "This Roaring Token is an old object that was used by the master in the past. If one uses the Roaring Token to shout out something, his voice can be heard throughout the entire universe. The Roaring Token is very common in the universe, but our master's Roaring Token is special. It can be used countless times."

"Countless times!" the cyan dragon roared once again.

"How could there be such a damned thing!" the red dragon roared after being uncommunicative all this while.

The two Genuine Dragons were inexplicably excited. Zen was dizzy with all the roaring going on in his head. He had learned from Saul that the Roaring Token was just a tool to shout out words. Moreover, Saul had introduced the Roaring Token rather indifferently, which showed that it was perhaps not something important. But why were the two Genuine Dragons so excited?

"Why?" Zen asked the cyan dragon, confused.

The cyan dragon let out a long sigh and then said incredulously, "I know that the owner of this fairy palace is a True God who surpasses the heavens, but I didn't expect him to actually have such a treasure..."

"What do you mean? Can you explain more clearly?" The cyan dragon wasn't helping relieve Zen's confusion. This token was just a tool for shouting, so why did the cyan dragon marvel so much at it? The cyan dragon hadn't been this excited when Zen had obtained the Black Star. Could it be that the Roaring Token was better than the supreme divine weapon?

The cyan dragon said, "A hundred thousand supreme worlds are too vast and it is extremely inconvenient to communicate with others in the universe. A single Roaring Token can spread your voice throughout the entire universe!"

"Oh..." Saul had just talked about what the Roaring Token did and the cyan dragon was merely repeating it all. Was spreading the voice all over the universe that important?

Seeing Zen's dubious expression, the cyan dragon smiled and said, "Once you fly into the Upper World, you'll have the right to speak if your voice can spread throughout the universe. Which is why every race and every force demand that the Roaring Token be used an unlimited number of times!"

The cyan dragon was trying his best to explain the Roaring Token to Zen.

Zen knew that the Upper World was composed of a hundred thousand supreme worlds, but he didn't have a clear understanding of the scope of these worlds.

The supreme world was too large, which made gathering and making use of its forces extremely difficult.

Besides, as the three great forces of the human race occupied nearly ten thousand supreme worlds, a wide range, communication became a b

d thing.

Zen did not forget that he still had one more important goal, and that was to find his sister. Although he felt that Yan was safe, he couldn't accept the fact that she had been taken away by someone he did not know.

If he were to fly into the Upper World in the future, Zen might have to use this Roaring Token to shout to Yan to see if she could reply.

"I just can't figure out how the owner of the fairy palace created a Roaring Token that can be used for unlimited times!" the cyan dragon said disbelievingly, still in shock.

"I don't care!" Zen couldn't be bothered to think about this, as long as it was useful.

Once he had put the Roaring Token into his space ring, Zen crushed the second fragment. As he did so, a shining chain appeared within the fragment. Zen pulled the chain out and said, disappointment lacing his voice, "This... What the hell is this?"

In the beginning, he had thought that his master's gift would most likely be a supreme divine weapon. And he had guessed that his master might give him at least a divine weapon. But now, as he crushed the fragments, he was confused as to why he was getting such strange things.

When Saul saw the chain, he smiled and said, "This is the Death Chain!"

"The Death Chain? What's the use of it?" Zen asked.

"When you first entered the fairy palace, did you trigger a Desperate Melee in the pavilion?" Saul asked as way of an answer.

Zen nodded. He still remembered that Desperate Melee vividly. Everyone had been connected to each other by a special energy and fought a life-and-death battle as only one could survive in the end.

"So that's it. The Death Chain can lock you and your opponent together, and it would open only after the battle is over and one of the fighters is killed. Even if a Supreme Lord is locked up with you, he won't be able to escape if he can't kill you."

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