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   Chapter 1285 The Roaring Token

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At this, Zen no longer hesitated. He respectfully went down on his knees and bowed to the figure.

He had earlier hesitated because he suddenly had to acknowledge someone as his master. And since he had accepted the owner's legacy, he had to acknowledge him as his master. True men wouldn't go down on their knees and Zen was no exception.

But now that he had chosen to be the owner's disciple, he did what he was supposed to do and paid his respects according to the rules.

The owner was an extremely detached man who didn't regard the ceremony of taking a disciple as important. When Zen bowed before the owner, an invisible force stopped him and helped him up.

"It's alright," the owner said, nodding. "We martial artists don't attach much importance to worldly rules. Since you are willing to take me as your master, I will pass on the cultivation method in this book to you. Do you know why I set such a path for this book?"

"I have no idea," Zen said, shaking his head.

The owner continued, "I had spent tens of thousands of years calculating countless number of times before managing to create a brand-new path. I do not know what lies at the end of this path, but the cultivation method begins with replacing life vitality with chaotic energy. For this, you have to forcefully shatter your cinnabar field and introduce chaos into your body. Only those with great perseverance can bear the pain in this course. You relied on your willpower to walk down the path outside, but I still want to remind you that the pain of replacing life vitality with chaotic energy is far beyond what you can imagine. Do you understand?"

Zen nodded, and said cautiously, "Yes, I do."

The owner smiled at this. "It's easy to say yes now. You'll only know the pain later." He looked Zen up and down and said, "It's strange. There seems to be primordial energy in your body. And you used it to refine your body once before, right?"

Zen nodded. The owner seemed to know all the secrets of his body.

"Your body is a little strange," the owner repeated, but didn't go on about the secrets of Zen's body. "Body refinement is also very painful, but the pain brought by replacing life vitality with chaotic energy is probably thousands of times greater than that brought by body refinement."

Pain was something that could not be quantified. Some people found it unbearable while others had the strength to bear it.

But the owner knew that there was an enorm

have discovered the nine dragons. He simply had avoided pointing it out. So the cyan dragon hadn't shown up of his own accord.

"You mean he has taken advantage of me? It's funny," Zen said, amused, finding it all very interesting.

He had entered the fairy palace and obtained a cultivation method, and now, had gained so many gifts. No matter how he looked at it, he had taken advantage of his master.

The cyan dragon chuckled and said, "It's a good thing to take you as a disciple, as you have got a Mahayana Lotus Flower." It was obvious that the cyan dragon's thinking was going on a completely different path from Zen's.

Zen didn't press the issue because at that moment, a door had appeared behind him. He knew that the door on the painting had opened again. And then, he flew out, still looking wonderingly at the shiny fragments in his hands.

As he flew, he followed his master's instructions and crushed one of the fragments. The texture of the fragment was tough and brittle, and with a gentle pinch, it shattered into pieces. A palm-sized sculpture in the shape of a bear with its mouth wide open emerged.

"What is this?" Zen examined the sculpture, confused and curious.

Even the knowledgeable cyan dragon stared at the palm-sized sculpture thoughtfully.

But Zen had already stepped into the huge book and walked out of the painting. Immortal Book saw the sculpture in Zen's hand and laughed. "Master did leave a legacy in the book but I hadn't expected him to leave the Roaring Token for you!"

"The Roaring Token!" the cyan dragon cried out in Zen's mind as he heard this. He had turned pale with fright.

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