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   Chapter 1284 Becoming A Disciple

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In the martial arts world, undergoing greater risk and exerting greater effort would often lead to greater rewards and it was this principle that Zen lived by.

However, even if, at the end of this path, it was revealed that this grueling test that pushed him to the limit three thousand times was only an elaborate prank by the owner, he would still accept it. He didn't need any reward, he just wanted this trial to end.

He might have been blessed with exceptional luck but Zen knew he would have to undergo some pretty challenging obstacles every once in a while. This test was proving to be an exceptionally challenging obstacle for him right now but he could only keep the faith and move forward.

Each step was excruciating and it was a struggle to even lift his foot forward. There was no doubt that this might be one of the most dreadful experiences in his life.

Zen had considerably slowed down upon crossing the halfway mark of the road. It took him longer to rest and recover for each step as his body took on a toll from all the suffering he was made to endure.

It was a good thing that there was no time limit set for this task. A time limit would've truly made it impossible to cross this path.

After he had taken two thousand steps, Zen would have to rest for several hours for each pause. After two thousand and five hundred steps, he would have to rest one day and night every hundred steps forward.

His three ladies faithfully accompanied him every step of the way, alert and always ready to give him aid. He was their husband and they were more than ready to serve him in whatever way they could.

As for Saul and Immortal Book, the two of them had existed in this world for far too long. The amount of time it took Zen to traverse this path was nothing but a blink of an eye to them.

Zen took a hundred steps a day.

So seven hundred steps took him seven days.

It was at the end of the seven days that Zen was finally able to step onto the very last footprint…

He would've breathed a sigh of relief, perhaps even lain down, but he was not given any chance as a bright ray of light suddenly burst out from behind him.

This bright light coalesced into a figure that stood at the starting point of the path. This figure followed the footsteps Zen had also taken but he crossed the distance of over three thousand steps in an instant - much faster than Zen did.

The figure quickly brushed past Zen and walked towards the huge book, reaching out to flip the cover they had initially failed to open.

"It's opened!" Immortal Book squinted at the figure, "This… Could it be the master?"

Saul also tried to make out a face from the glowing figure, "Maybe it is? I can't be too sure." None of them could make out any defining features from the figure. Perhaps what they saw was merely a shadow left behind by the owner.

The book opened on the first page, revealing a door.

It was only a book, and the door was only a picture, though it looked incredibly lifelike for Zen.

The f

he stars through the cultivation of Stellar Body. So it might work if he used the power of the stars to refine his body. The concept was possible but merely proposing it was not the same as actually doing it in practice. The presenter of the concept might not necessarily fully compile all the processes and practices that came with his proposal. In short, all he really presented was the idea of the method.

Theory and praxis were different. And the difference could be too enormous that what came out of theory might be completely irrelevant from what had been originally proposed.

But of course, a mere warrior from the Central Region was different from the fairy palace owner whose theurgy had already surpassed the range of the world and possibly even the heavens. So the concept that he deduced based on his knowledge would naturally be more reliable.

There was incredible confidence coming from him in proposing this concept.

Zen nodded his head, "Yes, I do!" he answered with no hesitations.

The figure smiled at his ready answer, "Very well then, kneel down!"

Zen couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, "Kneel?"

The figure laughed at his reaction, "Why? You don't want to? You want to practice my cultivation method but you're unwilling to become my disciple?"

Become this person's disciple…

Truth be told, ever since he embarked on the road to martial arts, Zen had never truly had a master.

Aura was his master but not in the traditional sense. Letitia, meanwhile, was the leader of Cloud Hall so he was more or less her subordinate.

He did not really have anyone he could formally acknowledge as his master. He never would've expected that he would get one after suffering three thousand times and entering a door inside a mysterious book. The amount of things currently happening overwhelmed him a bit so Zen was quite hesitant.

"Hahaha… I also did not expect that I will one day have a disciple. You seem hesitant to make me your master. Don't tell me you want me to beg you?"

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