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   Chapter 1283 Pushing His Limits

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At this time, Margaret walked over to him and took out a dainty, white, silk handkerchief that she used to wipe the sweat off Zen's brows.

A pat here and there was all it took to ruin the pristine silk fabric, staining it with gunk and blood.

Margaret smiled as she lightly wiped his face. "Come on!"

She wasn't as worried compared to Letitia and Aura. It wasn't because she didn't care but because she liked seeing Zen struggle every now and then. For Margaret, a man was the most attractive when he struggled through adversity.

Zen nodded to Margaret, his hands reaching for his chest to take out some pills. Meanwhile, Letitia was prepared with a milky white pill beside them. This pill was extremely valuable and guaranteed to be effective since it came from Cloud Hall. She handed it over to Zen immediately.

Zen took the pill from Letitia's hand and swallowed it. The medicinal pill, coupled with Zen's lightning-fast recovery rate immediately healed all wounds on his body. Though each bloody gash looked serious, they weren't that deep and in the end, Zen emerged good as new. The only indication that he was ever wounded was the holes left on his clothes from the blood arrows.

Zen finally realized that this road was meant to test his limit of strength. Mighty Soul Sea Realm warriors or even formidable Spirit Supreme Realm warriors would undergo the same thing if they set foot on this path.

It was only by pushing himself to the limit would Zen be able to advance!

Retreating was easy, all he would need to do was turn back and leave. However, that would mean throwing all his hard work down the drain.

"I'm not afraid of some little test," he murmured firmly. The edges of his vision darkened, tunneling his focus on the several thousand steps ahead of him. The road ahead was difficult to go through, but he didn't flinch a bit.


Zen let the power of the dragon scales surge through his body once again. Blood spurted out of him with each step he took.

This time, Zen had taken ten steps. The price he paid for ten steps was twelve wounds on his body.

The moment he stopped, Letitia was already beside him, stuffing another pill into his mouth. "This is the Ice Muscle Pill. I've got about forty along with around fifty Rejuvenating Pills. I don't know if it's enough since there are at least three thousand footprints..."

she mumbled worriedly. Would these elixirs be enough to help Zen walk down to the end of the road? she wondered.

Hearing this, Margaret quickly checked her space ring to see what she had. Unfortunately, instead of pills, all that was in there were neatly folded clothes of varying styles and a few unimportant trinkets. No pills were found there.

"I still have some pills…" Aura offered meekly.

Letitia scoffed, her eyes flashing dangerously.

She sniffed the air and the bloody smell filled her nostrils. "You smell of blood," she remarked.

"What are you doing?" he asked her weakly, leaning on her embrace.

Margaret smiled. "I'm just giving you a warm hug to cheer you on."

Zen couldn't help but chuckle. "Do you think I'll give up?"

Margaret shook her head, her eyes shining with confidence as she looked up at him. "No. How could my husband, a mighty warrior give up so easily?"

It was true that she felt bitter about the grand wedding ceremony Zen held for Letitia back in Cloud Hall, however, Margaret comforted herself with the thought that her wedding ceremony would be a thousand times grander once she accompanied Zen to the Upper World. Any displeasure on her end was hidden with her grand vision for the future.

She would invite all the powerful masters in the universe and all her guests would be famous people with great reputations such as Nameless and Apeiron. Moreover, she would invite all the Supreme Lords to her wedding ceremony. Her wedding ceremony must be a thousand times, or ten thousand times grander than the one of Zen and Letitia…

Margaret had set herself to invite all the Supreme Lords despite not really knowing what rank they belonged. It wasn't a title she had heard of until she met Elder Apeiron. The creatures of the Upper World would no doubt be shocked if they knew Margaret's plans for this grand wedding ceremony.

Zen smiled down at her. "Of course I will not give up,"

he said, patting her head before walking away from her embrace, taking on the path once again.

There were no dangers on this path. It was only an arduous test that required him to push himself to the limit at every step. Three thousand footprints meant pushing his limits over three thousand times.

Even a sacred weapon would probably turn to dust under this sort of repeated torture…

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