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   Chapter 1282 Difficult Steps

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Something was amiss. Their master was enormous in size, so it was impossible for him to leave small footprints behind. He must've left them there on purpose.

"Why did he leave behind such footprints?" Saul asked curiously. "What's more, these footprints are exactly the same size as a human's. Maybe he'd already known that this day would come," he added.

Just after thousands of books had reacted to Zen, a special cultivation method appeared. And no matter how one looked at it, it didn't seem to have appeared coincidentally at all but was specially arranged.

"I think so, too. Our master knows everything in this world, thanks to his great theurgy. He should know what would happen today." "I believe our head already knew that one day Zen would enter the library. That was why he made this arrangement. We didn't know what he'd done until today," Immortal Book said in agreement. However, he said those words to comfort himself as well.

But on second thought, it was odd.

Of course, Zen wouldn't question the power of the fairy palace's owner. Someone like him who had transcended the universe possessed great theurgy, without doubt.

However, the old man from the Celestial Position and Yolande had already said that he was a man with no destiny, and no one in the universe could tell his fortune. Even if Immortal Mist tried to, it wouldn't be genuine.

Thus, it might be because of two things: either the owner of the fairy palace improved his ability to a certain level, and could even predict what Zen, a man with no destiny, would do; or it just so happened to be a coincidence.

Right now, nothing seemed to matter anymore. The most important thing was to open this book.

As Zen thought of it, he quickly flew towards the other end of the bookshelf. The faint footprints extended from the bookshelf's center all the way to its end, and directly faced the huge book.

Dust scattered as Zen stepped forward and followed the steps on the bookshelf.

Never had he expected that just as his feet landed on the footprint, a powerful gravitational force reeled him in. It felt like his feet were welded onto the shelf, and made it hard for him to move a step.

"How could this be?" he said with a frown. He tried to activate the forceful energy within his body and raise his feet.

However, he wasn't able to make even the slightest movement. The power that held his feet was so strong that he couldn't even move an inch.

When Immortal Book, Saul, and the three girls saw Zen, they all rushed and gathered around him.

"Can't you move?" Saul asked. He stared at Zen's feet, which looked quite normal.

Zen nodde

ook like a creature with blood-red orbs.

One step…

Two steps…

Three steps..

Zen knew that he could have the strongest fighting strength when exerting the power of 5, 000 dragon scales. If he raised it to 6, 000 dragon scales by force, his body would be near its limit.

Therefore, Zen advanced extremely slow. He walked even slower than an ordinary person. It was as if he had the weight of a mountain on his back.

Four steps, five steps, six steps…

With every single step he took, a gash appeared on his body and blood gushed out of it. Blood arrows shot out from the wounds and pierced through his clothes.

One of the blood arrows shot towards Aura. Letitia reacted quickly. She waved her hand, and an ice crystal shield blocked the arrow. The blood arrow's power had dented her shield, which made Letitia look at it with fear.

How tremendous was the energy that filled Zen's body?

Aura reached out her hand and touched the dent on the ice crystal shield. The blood was frozen solid by the cold air when the blood arrow hit the shield. Aura was speechless as her finger touched the cold bloodstain.

Seven steps, eight steps, nine steps.

It was now that Zen had reached his limit.

A breath of air escaped his mouth, which was stained with blood from his body. It then became a cloudy red mist. His internal organs couldn't withstand such a powerful force and had gotten injured.

Puff! Puff!

More heavy pants came from Zen as blood seeped heavily from his wounds. He had only taken nine steps, but the footprints in front of him extended all the way to the other side of the bookshelf. It only took the palace master two to three steps to walk from one side of the shelf to the other, but it was thousands of steps for Zen.

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