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   Chapter 1281 Footprints

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Apart from the lack of a rune, the book didn't look particularly special to Zen. It was only a little bit thinner than the others.

The cover seemed to be a dark red color as well, slightly darker than that of the others.

Upon careful examination, Zen could see a thin layer of energy quietly circulating on the book's surface.

"What is this?" Zen asked as he stared at the layer of energy radiating from the cover.

But Immortal Book only shook his head and explained, "It's just a layer of Dust Repelling Spell. Although I clean the library every day, dust can't be avoided. Master used the spell on most of the books."

After circling around the book a few times, Saul shook his head in defeat. "I know Master's personality. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't leave behind these unsolvable puzzles. And even if he did, he wouldn't leave them in the library of all places."

"Where is your master now?" Zen asked.

If even the puppet their master had created had become immortal, then he must have been an extremely powerful warrior. It made Zen wonder where he had gone.

"After Master entered the depths of chaos, he never came back," Saul muttered.

"The depths of chaos…" Suddenly, Zen was reminded of the Chaotic Storm Chronicle—the chaos was seemingly unending. It was unknown how many years it would take to explore.

Meanwhile, Immortal Book was still lost in thought.

Though he was in charge of the library, he was completely clueless about the book—it was rather humiliating on his part. He had stayed in the library for countless years, after all.

After a long moment of pondering, Immortal Book said slowly, "Whatever the case is, the book is here. It must be a cultivation method that can be cultivated."

"Cut the crap!" Saul sneered.

But Immortal Book shook his head. "Master has collected countless cultivation methods in his lifetime. He has learned them all and is proficient in each."

The fact caught Zen's attention in surprise. "You mean that he has already practiced these tens of thousands of cultivation methods?"

"Not only that. There are far more than just tens of thousands of cultivation methods in the library. With Master's talent, he can master a single cultivation method in a day. It's too simple for him at this point."

The thought left Zen speechless—such talent was probably too much for him to even comprehend.

"However, during the last ten thousand years before Master left, one thing troubled him," Immortal Book contin

of his motion, Saul's and Immortal Book's faces turned into those of panic. In an instant, Saul grabbed Zen's hand and yelled, "Don't!"

"Master hates it when his books are destroyed," Immortal Book hurriedly explained. "The Law of Causality within the pickax is indeed powerful, but if you want to break the cover, that's just wishful thinking. If you try to destroy this book, it will trigger the siren—you'll be in deep trouble."

When he saw the pair's reaction, Zen sighed in defeat and put the pickax back in his space ring. At that moment, he felt truly helpless—forget about cultivating the hidden cultivation method, he couldn't even open the book itself.

Suddenly, Aura, who wasn't far behind, spoke up. "This bookshelf seems to have changed."

"What? Where?" Saul asked in confusion.

When she pointed at her feet, the rest took a look, only to see light footprints at their feet.

The footprints looked faint on the pitch-black bookshelf, so no one had noticed until that moment.

"Footprints! Where did these come from?" Saul asked aloud.

Once again, Immortal Book's face was riddled with confusion at the strange string of events. "I've cleaned this library countless times, but I've never seen these footprints before!"

"No wonder you're an idiot!" Saul threw another crack at him with a roll of his eyes.

"Saul, how big is your master's body?" asked Zen, keeping his eyes fixed on the footprints.

"Master has a pretty huge physique. Though he can control it at will, he usually stays about the same height as the bookshelf."

The bookshelf was about as tall as a mountain—how could such a giant leave those small footprints?

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