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   Chapter 1280 A Unique Book

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 7248

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Each of the books was thirty feet tall standing upright, and the entire bookshelf in itself was basically a mountain, standing at least ten thousand feet tall. There were roughly three hundred or so rows in a single bookshelf. So all in all, the books must have numbered in tens of thousands just on a bookshelf.

At that moment, the massive books seemed to have begun being dumped from the bookshelf.

With each book's weight equal to that of a mountain range, the huge crashes were rather horrifying!

Holding out his hand, Immortal Book caught a few that were crashing down. Still, he couldn't support them all.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Knowing that they had to move quickly, Zen grabbed Aura and retreated with Letitia, Immortal Book, and Saul following after.

By the time they escaped, the entire bookshelf was empty—all the books were strewn about the floor, piled up into a mountain.

"Idiot! I told you there was something wrong with your method!" Saul shook his head in frustration.

For a moment, all Immortal Book could do was stare at the scene before them in silence. Finally, he opened his mouth and said, "No, that's not the case."

"What is it, then?" Saul returned, rolling his eyes at Immortal Book. The latter was in charge of the library, but it hadn't been opened for several years. Given what just happened, Saul was convinced that he was merely incompetent, having blown his chance after Zen finally got the library open.

"I can hear these books," Immortal Book muttered. "All of the cultivation methods should be suitable for Zen."

The words shocked Saul almost speechless. "Impossible!"

All warriors had their strengths and weaknesses, without exception.

When Zen first comprehended the Law Power, he was rather good at the Space Law, and then the others, most especially after the baptism by laws. Still, it had to be impossible for him to attract all the books on the bookshelf.

Some of the cultivation methods were not divided by attributes, nor did they require warriors' comprehension of the laws—some cultivation methods only required a certain level of the soul.

There could only be one explanation—Zen

ng he could be considered their master as well.

So instead of fighting over the book, the two tried to work the book open together.

Still, the book didn't budge.

"Old man, what do you think the situation is?" Saul asked in frustration. While his curiosity was overflowing, he had no clue how to attempt to open the book.

Shaking his head, Immortal Book responded, "I've tried searching for a solution in our master's memoirs, but to no avail. I don't know what to do!" From the very beginning, Immortal Book tried to find answers within the memoirs.

Having flipped through each book in the library thousands upon thousands of times, he could probably recite any book he wished—it was too simple a task for him at that point. But never did his master mention such a book without a rune. Was it that important that it had to be hidden?

"It must be some kind of deceptive trick. Master probably doesn't wish for anyone to find this book. If that's the case, there must be a seal on the book somewhere. With only our strength, I'm afraid we can't open it," Immortal Book concluded.

While Zen stared at the unmovable book, thinking about how to get it open, he knew that the books on the floor were already more than enough for his cultivation.

But no one could deny that the strange book tugged at everyone's curiosity—no matter what kind of cultivation method was held in the book, Zen was determined to see what was inside.

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