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   Chapter 1279 Falling Books

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When Immortal Book heard Zen's words, he chuckled.

Bewildered, Zen asked. "What are you laughing at?"

Saul, who was staying beside Zen, looked impatient and grunted, "This old man has read too many books and likes to put on an act like this."

Immortal Book just snorted at Saul and was not even bothered to quibble with him at all, but he quickly disclosed, "There is no good or bad cultivation methods in the world. And that Transcendent Divine Might you're referring to must be related to the Law of Causality. That kind of cultivation methods are extremely rare, but yes, we do have some."

Taking in all the information Immortal Book had revealed, Zen then queried the cyan dragon in his mind, "Is all Transcendent Divine Might related to the Law of Causality?"

Zen only realized that the Law of Causality was so powerful soon after he took hold of Black Star. At that time, Zen was still practicing the Stellar Body. But until now, he hadn't finished the first half part of it yet. So he had no understanding as to whether the Stellar Body had some kind of correlation with the Law of Causality or not.

When Zen entered the fairy palace, the cyan dragon was also extremely astonished by the diversity of things inside. He merely maintained his silence, but he snapped out of his musing when Zen threw him a question. He then commented, "Yes, you can say so. The Law of Causality is contained in the large majority of Transcendent Divine Might. However, I only obtained the first half part of the Stellar Body, and the Law of Causality might be hidden in the second half part."

"I see..." Zen nodded.

Immortal Book took a glance at Saul and seemed to be annoyed by the way how he described him. He then spoke amiably to Zen, "I know you want to choose a cultivation method suitable for yourself, but there are simply too many cultivation methods here. However, since the owner of this fairy palace has constructed such a large library, which is for the benefit of the later generations, he has told me the method of determining and selecting the suitable cultivation method for each warrior." With these words, he led Zen and the others to show the different row of shelves. Then glancing back to Letitia and Aura, he stated, "The cultivation methods on this row are suitable for women, so you two come over here."

Letitia and Aura both looked at Zen's direction, who tilted his chin as if permitting them. Only then did the two ladies follow Immortal Book.

Promptly, Immortal Book pointed to the ground and a circle of light became visible. Within that circle of light, there was a thin line that shot out continuously right from its edge. "Who wants to come in first?"

Letitia's eyes flashed, and she immediately stepped into the light circle.

As soon as Letitia was inside the light circle, the entire bookshelf started to shake non-stop. The mountainous bookshelf shook as if there was an earthquake.


All the books on t

d, "Not bad. It seems that the Heaven and Earth Sword Skill has chosen you..." However, another large book from the bookshelf slowly moved out, halting Immortal Book in midsentence!



At this moment, both Saul and Immortal Book looked surprised.

There was no restriction imposed on selecting books in the library. So it was only appropriate for Zen to pick out a few more cultivation methods.

Only Immortal Book could pick out the most suitable cultivation method for the warrior who wanted to choose one. Under normal circumstances, only one book would appear at one time, and now it seemed like there were two cultivation methods suitable for Zen to cultivate at the same time.

"It's rare to see two cultivation methods appearing at the same time, but I've seen such a scene before." Immortal Book's astonished expression immediately vanished as a faint smile appeared on his face again.

However, just as he was done commenting, a third book on the bookshelf slowly moved, revealing half of it, seemingly to be about to fall from the bookshelf as well.

"The third book..." Immortal Book's face now was wearing startled and amazed expression!

Saul frowned and asked Immortal Book, "Does something wrong happen to your secret method? Why would three cultivation methods appear at the same time?"

The secret method of Immortal Book was to help the warriors choose the most suitable cultivation methods for them. And there was usually one fitted for every warrior. Sometimes, there would be two books appearing, which could be because the warrior was almost equally good in two aspects. But now, three cultivation methods had appeared, and Saul suspected that there was something wrong with the secret method.

Soon after Saul raised his suspicion, the other books also started to fall. The fourth book, the fifth book, the sixth book...

Witnessing what was transpiring, there was a hint of fear emanating from Immortal Book. "Back off!"

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