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   Chapter 1278 A Love Story

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When Zen withdrew his perception from the book, he discovered that Letitia, Margaret and Aura had also released their perceptions into the book under the old man's guidance. They were standing blankly by the side of the book. This meant that right now, they should be wandering within the Chaotic Storm Chronicle.

After a long time, the three women also withdrew themselves from the book; their eyes filled with endless shock. They had seen the same things he had.

In fact, they were also unable to understand the book. They knew what it said, but what it implied was far beyond them. The world that the book depicted had shocked them greatly. They couldn't help but wonder just how powerful the writer of the book was.

When Immortal Book saw their expressions, he looked extremely satisfied, as if that was exactly what he wanted. As the person in charge of the library, he had scrolled through almost all of the books in the library, and it was said that he found an endless amount of joy in sharing them with anyone who came this way. In these long years, he had roamed the ocean of books and had seen many profound secrets. He wanted to share his thoughts with others, but there was no one that he could communicate with. It was indeed a pity.

Of course he knew that the people in front of him were completely shocked by the primal chaos, and he felt extremely happy in his heart. He then told them, "The Chaotic Storm Chronicle is just a drop in the bucket when you are in this library. The things left behind by our master are all treasures and extremely valuable ones. If you want to read these books one by one, you will need many years to finish reading them all. Come on! I'll recommend a few more to you guys."

Zen, Letitia and Aura were looking forward to it. However, Margaret pursed her lips and pouted, "That was just a hazy world. It was boring. I guess whatever you recommend will be boring as well."

"What?" Hearing Margaret say that, Immortal Book was unhappy. It was as if she had treated the most important thing in his eyes as rubbish. This was something he could not tolerate, so he spat out, "Young girl, what nonsense are you talking about? The books in this library are as numerous as the stars in the sky, and there will always be books that are suitable for you. What kind of book do you like? I will find it for you!"

Margaret had just flipped through the Chaotic Storm Chronicle. Although she was also incomparably shocked, she didn't like such kind of book. Now that Immortal Book wanted to recommend a book to her, she smiled cunningly and remarked, "I'm afraid that there is not a single book that I would like in here."

"Humph!" Immortal Book snorted and pulled a long face. "That can't be true. You name it, and I will have it. If I can't find a book you like, then I won't be worthy of the title of Imm

Sutra of Empyrean Goddess she had cultivated was only an incomplete one and that she needed to practice a lot more. Although she wanted to follow in Zen's footsteps in terms of cultivation and strength, it looked like the gap between them was widening day by day. If she could find a suitable cultivation method in this library, she would be more than willing to obtain it and get closer to her husband. In reality, she had thought about the future that she and Zen had, much more than Margaret had done. It was not until the old man had reminded Margaret about her powers that she then realized that Zen would ascend to the Upper World. But Letitia had long known about this and was getting ready to follow him. If she couldn't keep up with his pace, she would be left alone in the Lower World in the future. Of course, she wasn't willing for that to happen. This library was definitely an opportunity for her and she wouldn't miss it.

As for Aura, she was not as far-sighted as Letitia was. However, she only had one thought in her heart. She did not want to catch up to Zen's level of cultivation, but only wanted to be able to follow him.

The library was surprisingly large and could almost be considered bigger on the inside. Each bookshelf was equivalent to a mountain. They weaved through the bookshelves, as if strolling inside a valley. As they walked, Immortal Book told them, "These books were also written by our master.

These are travel notes.

These are verses and ditties.

These are odes and songs.

These are..."

After a long while, Immortal Book stopped in his tracks and said, "These are the cultivation methods which were created by our master. All of the cultivation methods in this row are suitable for women."

Zen's eyes flashed at the words of Immortal Book. He then asked, "I wonder if there is any Transcendent Divine Might among these cultivation methods?"

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