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   Chapter 1277 The Chaotic Storm Chronicle

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This was really depressing. The two stages of the True Path hadn't been easy, and now, when he had finally entered the library, how could he return empty-handed?

Zen leaped forward and jumped onto a bookshelf in the first row.

The covers of every single book on this shelf were made of some kind of metal. They were extremely cold and tough, and the books themselves were enormously heavy. Although Zen couldn't identify the materials of the pages inside, he was sure that they were more than strong enough to be used in weapon refining.

He grabbed the side of a huge book and exerted all the strength he had in his body. However, the book did not even budge a single inch.

"Is this book that heavy?" Zen exclaimed, as his expression suddenly changed. This was an impossibility.

When his power exploded out, it was enough to tear apart mountains and the earth itself. However, he hadn't expected the book to be this heavy.

Zen had already been proud of his strength, but now he couldn't even lift a book. A look of unwillingness and irritation appeared on his face. This time, the force of the dragon scales within his body suddenly erupted out, and he used every ounce of his strength to grab onto a corner of the book. Finally, he managed to pull it off the bookshelf.

The three women were still looking up when they suddenly saw a book that was as big as a house crashing down towards them. Their faces also revealed astonishment.

On the other hand, Zen's expression changed drastically as he roared, "Dodge it quickly! Get out of the way!"

The weight of the book was unknown, but Zen reckoned that it was no lighter than a mountain range. It was almost equivalent to the combined weight of 23 mountains, and if the three women were to be hit by it, even Letitia would not be able to survive such an onslaught. Margaret and Aura were even weaker than her so they had to get out of the way.

Fortunately, Letitia's reactions were extremely fast. She gently reached out her hands, grabbed both Margaret and Aura and retreated quickly to a side.

The moment the three women got clear of the zone, the huge book directly fell on the spot where they had been standing.

It was unknown what material was used to make the floor. But what was astonishing was that even when such a heavy book smashed down on it, not even a crack appeared. It was as though an ordinary book had been thrown to the floor.

Zen didn't know just how many years it had been since this fairy palace had come into existence. If it was built using ordinary stones, how could it have withstood the endless years of erosion? It would have already turned into ashes if that were the case. Any sort of material that could withstand the corrosion of time was no ordinary thing.

Zen leaped down and turned towards the women with a helpless smile and an apologetic look on his face.

Letitia glared at Zen, clearly

e world in this book was in complete chaos. It was difficult for Zen to even describe the kind of space he was looking at. It was not an absolute darkness, since there were faint rays of light coming in from the surroundings. However, it was enveloped by layers of grey mist, and everywhere was diffused a black-and-white colored fog. Zen had seen this kind of fog before on the True Path—it was formed by the Dark and Light energies.

Boom! A massive bolt of lightning struck through the chaos out of nowhere. "I can't comprehend the Law Power that is contained within this lightning!" Zen cried.

The Thunder Law within the lightning was in a perfect and complete state, and Zen was unable to comprehend it. Compared to this bolt of lightning, the lightning that Zen had seen before somehow seemed incomplete. This was not a simple comparison in terms of power, but a comparison in terms of perfection. Although Zen could not see which layer of Thunder Law this lightning contained, he estimated that it was very likely to be the tenth layer.

Zen's line of sight was shuttling back and forth through the chaotic world at an extremely high speed. In fact, he was unable to control his own perception, as if he was following the movements of the owner of this book. It was like watching a picture with real time effects. Zen could see everything but only as a passive spectator, accepting the breathtaking scenes recorded in the book.

A long while later, Zen finally exited the chaotic world of the book with a look of shock on his face.

If what he guessed was right, then the chaos he had just seen was outside the universe itself. But what existence lay outside the universe? What did those bizarre scenes represent?

Zen had not found the answers to those questions in this book. The owner of this book had traveled an unknown distance in the chaos, but beyond that chaos was chaos still. It was as if the chaos was endless.

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