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   Chapter 1276 A Prison

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Saul's body had been created by the first owner of the fairy palace. He wouldn't go through the Five Aging Processes, and his body would not break. In other words, even if he wanted to kill himself, he wouldn't be able to do so. His soul was tightly sealed within, making it impossible for him to disperse his own soul.

For Saul, guarding the fairy palace was a rather boring task. Dying was an extravagant hope for him.

If only someone stayed in the fairy palace, it would be so good for him.

All the previous owners had attempted to take control of the fairy palace, but all of them had failed. Saul had even hoped for the return of Immortal Mist, but in the end he also died because of the Five Aging Processes.

Now, Zen was slowly gaining control of the fairy palace. Not only had he obtained the token of water, he had even managed to get the token of mountain.

"Carry the fairy palace around with me? Is the fairy palace movable?" Zen asked.

Saul nodded. "The token of mountain is the most special one of the six tokens. It is the projection of this fairy palace, and is equivalent to the entrance. You can regard it as the fairy palace itself. As long as you have the token, you can return to the fairy palace at any time you want." It seemed like Saul was in a good mood. "You can also treat the fairy palace as this woman's Sky Purple Body and the token as a space node," he explained, pointing at Margaret.

"So that's how it is," Zen remarked. This way, if he wanted to return to the fairy palace in the future, he wouldn't need to travel tens of thousands of miles to get to the Eastern Region. He could do so with the token of mountain in his hand.

"Do you want to continue?" Saul asked.

Zen had already obtained two tokens in a short period of time, but this time he chose to give up.

In the next stage of the test, a large group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors would probably appear. Although Zen could completely transfer all the attacks faced by him, the problem was that the Magnetic Sacred Mountain also had a limit to its carrying capacity. If a large group of Spirit Supreme Realm warriors used the fifth layer of any Original Law, their power would become unimaginably strong.

If the Magnetic Sacred Mountain was destroyed, the overflowing power would probably damage the foundation of the entire great world. Zen was not willing to take this risk. Besides, now that he had the token of mountain, he could wait for his strength to in

ars, I won't complain. A thousand years is nothing. But the problem is, I'm afraid the monsters in the lower level of the prison can't wait any longer."

How could Zen have known what was going on?

He and Letitia revived Margaret and Aura, and gave them some pills to calm themselves. Only then did they head towards the library.

Naturally, the gate to the library was inordinately tall. Zen raised his head, but it was hard to see the top of the door frame.

"Can I open the gate by just using the token of water?" Zen took out the token of water, and the moment he did so, a golden light flashed from the top to the bottom of the gate. With a muffled sound, the entire gate revealed a crack.

Zen sprang into action and attempted to push open the gate. The gate looked as tall as a mountain, and Zen thought that it would take much effort on his part to push open the gate. However, the gate opened just with a light touch, and the scent of books wafted up his nose.

Books don't have a natural fragrance of their own. Surely the books in the library must be made from special wood pulp. Countless years later, the natural fragrance was still intact. It was an intoxicating smell.

"Let's go!" Zen smiled at Letitia. He was the first to enter the library. Letitia, Margaret, and Aura followed closely behind.

Even after being shut for countless years, the library was still free from dust. In front of Zen stood bookshelves that were comparable to small mountains. As for the books on these bookshelves, each of them was thirty feet tall and twenty feet wide.

"How can I read them?" Zen looked miserable when he saw such huge books.

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