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   Chapter 1275 The Token Of Mountain

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Letitia's fists suddenly became clenched when she heard Saul's indifferent words.

An impossibly large number of Life and Death Realm creatures had surrounded Zen and were attacking him. The worst part was that every single one of these creatures was proficient in all sorts of Law Power. This was perhaps the biggest challenge for Zen.

Aura put her hands over her chest and closed her eyes. She knew that she could not change or stop anything now and could only silently pray in her heart.

As for Margaret, she didn't care about rules and took a step forward, raising her hand.

"What are you doing?" Saul asked indifferently.

"I am going to break the True Path!" Margaret couldn't be bothered to reason with others. She did not have Letitia's rationality and cared only about Zen's safety.

However, before she could make her move, Saul piped up, "Your Sky Purple Body is indeed powerful, but you will not be able to activate the space nodes in here."

Margaret was totally unwilling to listen to this guy. He was kind of a jerk. With a slight movement of her finger, she tried to communicate with the huge swords in the Purple Power World. Her hands circled the area a few times, but there was no response from her surroundings, nor were there any fluctuations. It was just as Saul had said; she could not communicate with the Purple Power World from this place at all. It was as if the place was magically shielded.

She was at a loss for what to do now. Seeing Zen constantly struggling in the midst of so many kinds of Law Powers, she was really worried and scared.

No longer able to bear it, she was about to step forward and jump onto the True Path.

"What are you doing?" Letitia shouted coldly and grabbed onto Margaret.

If Margaret had jumped onto the True Path before Zen, she wouldn't have been in too much danger since the challenge would have been at lower level. But now, those warriors who had been conjured up by the True Path were all at the Life and Death Realm. How could she hope to fight against them?

"But Zen..." Margaret said with a face full of worry.

To be frank, Margaret was indeed smarter than Letitia in certain aspects, such as speculating on Zen's thoughts. Her EQ was also higher than Letitia's, but in the field of cultivation, she was far from Letitia as she could be. Letitia knew that Margaret would be simply courting death if she jumped onto the True Path now.

Fortunately, since Margaret's strength was far inferior to Letitia's, no matter how hard she struggled, she could not escape Letitia's control.

At that moment, Aura chimed in calmly, "Don't worry."

Margaret looked at Aura and snorted, "You're not worried about Zen's life at all, are you?"

"It's not like that." Aura shook her head. "I believe in Zen. I know that he has the strength to fight back and win!"

Letitia also nodded. "Zen's limits and powers are far more than what they seem. Don't listen to this idiot." With that, she pointed at Saul.

The three women did not have a g

ook at the True Path. Her face was still filled with shyness and her cheeks were crimson. Zen's clothes were gone, so she had turned her head away shyly. As for Letitia and Margaret, they were naturally not shy. After all, they had already had sex with him.

The second stage of the test took an hour, and the strength of the Sacred Race warriors also rose several notches level. Although they still did not use any cultivation methods, the warriors created by the Dark and Light energies were all at the Soul Sea Realm. Even the Law Powers they had grasped had risen to the third or fourth layer.

Fortunately, these guys did not know how to unleash domains. Once again, Zen merely transferred the attacks from these warriors to the Magnetic Sacred Mountain and the mountain simply absorbed all the attacks.

However, Zen was focused on dashing forward on the True Path instead of fighting, and didn't have the time to investigate the condition of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

Even though it was impervious to swords and spears and such weapons, there was a limit to the amount of strength it could endure. Just how terrifying was the power contained within the continuous attacks of dozens of powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm? Could it withstand that?

In reality, the majority of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain was located at the bottom of the sea. There was already a shallow crack in it, and that crack was constantly expanding.

"Done!" Zen had passed the second stage of the True Path. However, it was only now that he saw Aura's face blushing, and she suddenly turned around. He chuckled as he took out a set of clothes from his space ring and put them on.

Following the descent of the vast fog, another token appeared in the sky.

This time, it was a token of mountain.

"What's the use of this token?" Zen asked curiously.

When Saul saw that Zen had obtained this token, a trace of happiness appeared on his face. "With this token, you can carry the fairy palace around with you!"

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