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   Chapter 1274 The Sacred Race

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Zen was a Life and Death Realm warrior so he knew he could easily deal with these creatures if he really wanted to.

But the way they were able to disperse the force from his attack with their bodies just shocked him.

To put it into perspective, the Zen from the past, who was also a nature creature, would never have survived a single punch from the present Zen now. However, this creature had managed to resolve Zen's strength. Although it seemed hard for him and he might have been severely injured, he was still able to move around smoothly.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

They pounced towards Zen one by one, none of them having practiced any cultivation method but still surviving Zen's fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zen purposefully did not increase his strength and these creatures were all sent flying by him. However, they all stood up from the ground and revealed faint smiles on their faces.

"Do these guys have intelligence? Or did the person who set up this True Path deliberately arrange them this way?"

The creatures were quick to come at him again, but this time, Zen did not pull his punches.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

He had activated the forceful energy within his body and launched a series of formidable attacks upon those who came at him. Anybody that got close was immediately smashed into a bloody pulp by his punch.

The sight of the bodies exploding surprised him, not because of the gore, but because of the color of the blood that burst from the inside. "Golden blood?"

As far as he knew, only those belonging to the Celestial Position race had golden blood. Zen, as an outsider who was recognized and became a member, had yet to have his blood changed but the fact remained that golden blood was the signature of the elite race.

There must be a connection.

His punches smashed the creatures into a pulpy, golden blood shower that then dispersed and transformed once again into Dark and Light energies. These energies coalesced and reformed into solid, human-shaped creatures that once again charged at Zen.

This time, he noticed that the creatures had grown exponentially faster and stronger!

"Forceful energy!"

he remarked in shock when he felt it emanate from the creatures that were now rushing towards him.

However, there was another peculiar thing: the way they moved seemed very similar to his own style.

A sudden realization popped in his head: they were copying him!

Zen couldn't help but feel angry at this observation, "I'll destroy you all from the inside out!"

A bit of forceful energy wasn't going to stop Zen from squashing these nature creatures. Zen took a deep breath and began to circulate the life vitality in his body, allowing it to surge into higher levels.

But, the moment he tried increasing hi

n the shape of a human.

The cyan dragon, for example, had morphed into a human named Josh in the past. Formidable creatures like him usually had a human form counterpart.

But those races actually didn't transform themselves into humans. The cyan dragon's explanation quickly cleared things up for Zen who now understood that the transformations were not based on humans but on a more powerful race which looked quite similar to humans: the Sacred Race.

But that was not all. All races, be it human, Demon Night, ogre, or whatever, all inherited some kind of unique characteristic from this primordial Sacred Race that caused them to choose different paths and adopt different systems of cultivation.

It was the Demon Night who resembled the Sacred Race the most. Newly-born Demon Night infants were already nature creatures which was an unrivaled advantage over other races. However, there was a cost to this inborn advantage. The Demon Night race was known to have more females than males which made their reproduction rate extremely low.

"I understand it now," Zen said.

However, another thought crossed his mind: If they were so perfect, then why had he not heard of them before? Why were there no traces of them? Did they all just disappear?

He was about to ask the cyan dragon for his wisdom but a sudden flurry of attacks rained down upon him by the creatures.

There was no way he was allowing himself to get hit given his current strength. The only thing Zen could do was to continue running in the hopes of dodging their attacks. Unfortunately, the creatures coming for him only seemed to increase both in number and power.




All sorts of Law Power attacks came at him: wind blades, fire swords, thunder strikes…

Saul shook his head at the sight, "Zen won't be able to take it much longer."

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