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   Chapter 1273 Dark And Light Energies

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Zen knew that the girls were worried about him. So he looked at them, assuring them with confidence, "Trust me. I'll be okay!"

The girls showed concerns of varying degrees, but since Zen had already made his decision, how could they possibly interfere?

Moreover, it was what the world was like. In the world of martial artists, except for Margaret who had grown up well-protected, everyone had to encounter dangerous situations on their path of pursuing marital arts. Aura had also experienced a few life and death situations. And Zen had saved Letitia from the jaws of death not long ago.

Once Zen had set foot on the True Path, Letitia said, "Zen has a great destiny, and I believe he will pass successfully."

Letitia hadn't gone overseas with Zen and she had no idea what kind of danger Zen had encountered during his several trips. But she was very confident about Zen's strength and luck.

Just after Zen had set foot on the True Path, mists began to rise from either side of this ridge. There were two kinds of mists, each of a different color. The mist on Zen's left was black, while the mist on his right was white.

"These mists are very strange," Zen muttered, a strange feeling overcoming him at the sight of these mists. He felt like they could turn into everything in the world.

Just as a trace of doubt arose in Zen's heart, Saul's voice floated into his ears, "These are Dark and Light energies. The first owner of the fairy palace had worked them out. You need to be careful."

At the beginning of heaven and earth, everything was in primordial chaos. It was infinity. This infinity gave birth to the supreme ultimate that then produced two modes. The two modes represented two contrary forces and they generated the four images. The four images included east, south, west and north and the four images gave birth to the eight diagrams. The eight diagrams multiplied to become sixty-four diagrams and they continued to multiply themselves. There was no end to it!

If the Dark and Light energies continued to develop, it was likely that they would lead to the origin of the entire world. Zen was unable to figure out the mysteries within them.

But he didn't need to know anything about them at the current stage. What he needed to do was to continuously advance on this True Path.

As he thought this, Zen sped up and shot forward like a shuttle.

The Dark and Light energies turned into strange flowers and plants as they rushed towards Zen.

Zen's expression did not change and a long sword suddenly appeared in his hand. He swung the long sword to the left and unleashed sharp sword intents. He then spun the sword to the right and grasped the sword with one hand. The sword intents soon wrapped around Zen to protect him.

Rays of light from the sharp sword whirled in the air, and in an instant, the strange flowers and plants formed by

e quite weak at reproduction and increasing their population. There were many talents in their race, but their population was still small and the number of powerful masters and talents they had was far smaller than that in the human race. Each race had their own advantages and disadvantages.

The creatures standing in front of Zen made him feel strange. This race seemed to be a perfect combination of all the strong points of many different races. But why hadn't Zen heard of this race before?

Those perfect creatures charged towards Zen, taking advantage of the time he was spending pondering over his doubts.

They seemed to have grasped some crucial battle techniques as they directly attacked Zen's vitals.


Zen grunted but recovered to throw a punch towards one of them. He didn't use the power of the dragon scales. He was still in the early stage of the True Path so he thought he didn't need a lot of strength. Zen was confident that he could bring a person down with one punch.

But as Zen's punch was about to hit him, the one standing in the lead suddenly curled up, reducing the impact he had to suffer. His bones began to twist in an astonishing way that no normal person could have done. He looked miserable as he rolled on the ground in pain. His shattered body began to recover a while later.

Zen was shocked as he saw this.

The people of this race gave Zen the impression that they were perfect beings, but they had never cultivated martial arts. Even though their bodies were pure, they were only nature creatures.

The punch that Zen had thrown was very powerful. Even a warrior at the Internal Elixir Realm would get killed immediately. A nature creature was no match at all.

Yet this guy had offset more than half the power in Zen's strike by relying on his flexible body. More surprisingly, he had actually managed to get to his feet unscathed.

How did he do it?

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