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   Chapter 1272 The Universe Spirit Tablet

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Seeing this scene, Letitia curled up her lips and said to Saul, "It looks like this barrier cannot be opened at all!"

The power that Zen's terrifying punch released exceeded Letitia's expectations, but it still wasn't enough to break through the barrier. She started to wonder whether Saul was just trying to play a trick on them.

Hearing Letitia's words, Saul looked indifferent and responded, "Zen can't break this barrier, but that doesn't mean others can't do so."

"Hmm. If even Zen can't break through this barrier, who else can?" Margaret asked indignantly. The three women had done all they could to defend Zen.

Saul couldn't be bothered to argue with these women. He directly turned towards Zen and told him, "Since you've already tried brute force, you should use the token with the word 'thunder' now. Like I said, with your current strength, you can't break through the True Barrier."

However, Zen laughed and remarked, "I don't need to use the token!" After he finished these words, a pickaxe appeared in his hand.

When Saul saw the pickaxe in Zen's hand, a hint of surprise finally appeared on his face. "The Black Star?"

Zen nodded. This time, he brandished the Black Star in his hand and without hesitation, ruthlessly smashed it at the True Barrier!


The True Barrier shattered with a loud bang as soon as it was hit by the Black Star. The incomparably hard barrier collapsed like a paper under the attack of the Black Star.

Then, Zen asked Saul, "You've been staying in the fairy palace all this while, so how come you know this pickaxe?"

Saul slightly smiled and the surprise on his face faded away. He told Zen, "In this universe, numerous warriors have created their own ranking of magic weapons, but the most popular one is the Universe Spirit Tablet. After this Spirit Tablet was created, the various races from all over the world also created a copy of it. As soon as a supreme divine weapon is born, it is detected by the Spirit Tablet, and its name appears on it..."

"The Universe Spirit Tablet?" Zen suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Saul nodded and continued, "If I remember correctly, as a supreme divine weapon, this pickaxe is most probably ranked in the top 900 places. The Law of Causality within the Black Star is at a very high level. But it is just a pickaxe after all, so it is not easy to bring its actual strength into play. If it was forged into a weapon like an axe or a sword, it might be able to find itself among the top 600 or 700 weapons of the universe!"

Hearing this ranking, Zen nodded his head. He knew very little about the situation of the Upper World and was extremely curious about the Spirit Tablet. So he asked, "Are there over ten thousand weapons on the Universe Spirit Tablet? And are all of them supreme divine weapons?"

However, Saul shook his head. "The number of the supreme divine weapons is small in the universe. A small uni

s, Zen was surprised to discover that a miraculous change had occurred inside his body. The life vitality that was supposed to gradually solidify now seemed to be liquefying, and he could feel that his cultivation base had increased several times faster than before.

Although the old man didn't consider the pill to be something valuable, Zen was clear that this pill had awakened its intelligence, and it could even escape and attack people. Besides, its strength was also very powerful. No matter what the case was, the pill's effects were far beyond Zen's imagination.

For now, all he knew was that his cultivating speed had increased greatly. Although he had spent most of the past two months with Letitia and Margaret, and had only spent a few days cultivating, Zen could faintly feel that his cultivation base had reached its limit. He thought that he would have to accept the second small Heavenly Tribulation and advance to the second level of the Life and Death Realm pretty soon.

With Zen's current strength, it would not be difficult for him to return to the Eastern Region from the Central Region and enter the fairy palace.

Although What Letitia said made sense, Zen still shook his head. He wanted to try now. "Since we've already come here all the way, how can I give up so easily?"

Saul smiled slightly. "I know you won't give up so easily, but I still have to remind you. Your true strength is comparable to that of a Soul Sea Realm warrior, so yeah, there is a chance that you might be able to break through the first stage of the True Path. As long as you can get a token, that's not too bad. You can even open the weapon refining workshop or a library with the token, which would let you gain endless benefits. So I suggest you should give it a try."

Margaret asked in an annoyed tone, "What if Zen is injured? Are you responsible for that?"

Saul just ignored her words. He could not be bothered to argue with her.

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