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   Chapter 1271 Avoiding Shortcuts

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"This wall is the True Barrier," said Saul as he looked at the pale yellow wall.

Zen walked forward and stretched a hand to touch the wall. This barrier was blocking the road ahead of him. According to Saul, he would have to break this barrier if he wanted to move forward.

But since Zen had the 'thunder' token, he had the right to pass the barrier directly.

Zen's eyes flashed as he looked at the pale yellow wall. "Is it really impossible for me to break this barrier?"

"You can try if you want," Saul said with a smile.

But it was Letitia who answered with a question, "Can I have a go?"

"No problem," Saul replied.

Zen smiled and stepped aside at Letitia's interest in the wall.

Letitia liked to take challenges. She and Zen were both at the first level of the Life and Death Realm. In her opinion, there might be a gap between her strength and Zen's, but the gap should not be that great, which was why she wanted to test out her strength.

Everyone stepped aside, giving way as Letitia walked forward gracefully to stand in front of the True Barrier. Her gaze was fixed on the wall in front of her, the life vitality within her body beginning to surge.


As more and more ice crystals began to condense, an ice phoenix appeared beside Letitia.

Saul said, "It's the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess. It is a pretty good cultivation method, but this cultivation method cannot be fully mastered. It can only be considered an abridged version."

Letitia's heart skipped a beat at Saul's words.

This cultivation method was considered to be a top-notch martial skill in the Central Region. Saul was a man who had knowledge and experience that was way beyond anyone's imagination. If Saul had called the Sutra of Empyrean Goddess as something good, it would have been an extremely powerful cultivation method. But here he was, saying that it was only an abridged one!

The Sutra of Empyrean Goddess was a cultivation method that Letitia's master, Imogen, had passed down to her. Even Imogen didn't know about its origins.

"An abridged cultivation method?" Letitia asked curiously.

Saul nodded and replied, "Yes, this Sutra of Empyrean Goddess has not been completed yet. All these years, I have been flipping through all the myriad cultivation methods in the library. I know I'm not wrong."

It was abridged but Letitia had gotten too far into this cultivation method and had no choice but to stick with it to the end.

Letitia gently turned her fingers, causing the ice phoenix to coil around her arm. She looked straight at the wall, a cold chill spreading out o

h had faced Zen, he probably would have turned pale and teetered.

Zen had become unimaginably strong in just a few years' time. What did the future behold? What kind of a character would Zen grow up to become? A small place like the Central Region would not be able to restrain him.

Aura pondered. She still couldn't fathom how strong Zen would become. A strong sense of crisis overcame her.

She did not know that two months ago, when the old man Nameless had told Margaret about her falling out once Zen advanced further, Margaret had already taken the necessary measures. She had made a plan to improve her cultivation and that was why she had gone to the Purple Power World to find a master for herself.

The biggest problem was that Margaret had a special physique and already had a way to deal with the crisis. But what about Aura? What did she have to do to follow in Zen's steps?

She suddenly remembered that when Zen had first entered the Cloud Sect, she had argued with the old man in charge of the test to win over Zen. Now the boy had become such a powerful man she could only look up to.

She felt sad as she thought this. Zen had returned and told her how he felt about her, but she could do nothing about it. She was like a puppet, unable to change anything.

Aura was deep in thought, but Zen had already landed a punch.

Powerful energy surged out, producing an intense airflow.

Aura and Margaret wobbled on their feet as the currents moved around them. Letitia and Saul stood quietly on the spot and watched Zen's punch strike out.


The punch landed on the True Barrier, causing it to tremble. Cracks appeared on it, but they quickly narrowed and disappeared. Zen had failed in his attempt.

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