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   Chapter 1270 The True Path

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Saul's words were confusing, and Letitia's face filled with astonishment.

In just four years, Zen had advanced from a nature level warrior to a Life and Death Realm warrior. Yet Saul was saying that his cultivation speed was still not enough.

Such a fast pace of breaking through could be considered extremely rare.

At least in Letitia's knowledge, among all the years she had spent in the Central Region, she had never seen a person talented enough to have achieved such a fast speed.

Just how high were this man's standards?

However, what Saul said next made Letitia more shocked. He sighed and told Zen, "And yes. I can see that although you are only at the Life and Death Realm, your foundation is much more stable than ordinary warriors. In fact, I know that your strength is comparable to a Soul Sea Realm warrior. But it is still not enough. You cannot break through the barrier to the True Path at this level, nor can you walk on it. Although I have some regrets, you still need to cultivate for a few years before coming back."

'Not enough?' Letitia thought, speechless. Was this place still in the Eastern Region? Even a Life and Death Realm warrior was not qualified to pass through. What sort of legacy did this fairy palace have?

Hearing Saul's words, Zen did not seem to be dejected at all. Instead, he smiled and asked, "What if I have this token?"

As he finished speaking, he took out the other token from his space ring. On the token in his hand was carved the word "thunder."

This token had been given to Zen by Immortal Mist, who himself had suffered the Five Aging Processes. It had left him with only a strand of his remnant soul. If he had held onto this token, it would have been of no use, so he had given it to Zen as a gift, telling him that with this token, he could activate the True Path.

This fairy palace was of great importance. Before ascending to the Upper World, Zen was going to try his best to control the fairy palace. To do so, he had to cross the true path. It was impossible to do so without that.

Saul looked at the token in Zen's hand, and remarked in a calm voice, "That's Mist's token. I guess he's passed away now. I didn't expect him to give his token to you. Yes, with this token, you can enter the True Path without breaking the barrier. However, with your strength, even if you were to enter the True Path, you would probably not be able to pass through the first stage."

"What's the benefit of passing the first stage?" Zen asked and his eyes lit up at the prospect.

Saul replied, "There are a total of eight tokens in the fairy palace—heaven, earth, water, fire, thunder, wind, mountain and valley. Other than the 'heaven' and 'earth' tokens, it is possible for you to obtain the other six tokens. These two, I fear are beyond you."

"Six tokens? But I already have two of them; one with the word 'thunder' and the other with the word 'wind.' What if I end up with a token with the

an I borrow some external force?" Margaret asked.

Saul sized up Margaret and replied, "You seem to have the Sky Purple Body. There are hidden space nodes in your body, and you can connect to the outside world." Then he shook his head and added, "But no. It's impossible to borrow external force in here."

Purple Power Body had a different name in Saul's mouth. Margaret did not care about the Sky Purple Body at all. Since she could not borrow any external force, she might as well skip the trial. With her current strength, she would probably not be able to pass the trial.

When she chose to give up, even Zen had no way of convincing her. Right now, under Saul's lead, Letitia and Aura were the first to undergo the trial.

The trial didn't last long. An hour later, the two women both passed easily.

Letitia looked calm and relaxed, while Aura looked completely in contrast to that. Even after she had left the illusion world, her face was still as pale as a sheet. It was only after Zen gave her a pill to calm her down that she finally relaxed.

Letitia had obtained the Cloud and Flying Birds Picture from her trial, which was only second to the Sun Moon Stars Picture.

Her talent and strength were already extremely strong, so obtaining this result was not surprising. As for Aura, her result was extremely surprising. She had actually obtained the third picture, the Nine-day Cycle Picture.

Seeing that Letitia and Aura had obtained their own Contemplation Pictures, Margaret felt a little jealous in her heart. But she still knew her own limits. If it weren't for her Purple Power Body, she would be the weakest among the three women. She swore to herself that she would cultivate harder in the Apeiron Tower in the future so that Letitia and Aura would not look down upon her.

After the two women passed the trial, Saul led Zen towards the True Path. They walked along a long, narrow road, until finally, before them appeared a pale yellow wall.

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