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   Chapter 1269 Meet Saul Again

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The sudden flash which marked Zen's figure disappearing left traces of curiosity on Aura's face. This was something exotic! "Is that a transmission array?"

The Eastern Region wasn't exactly marked for its construction and presence of transmission arrays. The only one that had been built within the Cloud Sect was the one that led to the Cloud Road. Even that particular array was now in a dilapidated condition due to its lack of use and maintenance.

To transfer a person through a transmission array required the use of a supreme life vitality crystal, and even someone as powerful and rich as Kenneth would be reluctant to do that.

Therefore, when Aura saw the transmission array, she felt a little surprised.

As for Letitia and Margaret, their expressions were unfazed. Transmission arrays in the Central Region were common, day-to-day objects. Sometimes, even some commonplace merchants who were slightly wealthy enough would choose to use transmission arrays for transporting their goods. Although it was expensive, it was safe and convenient.

Zen hadn't told them where he was leading them, but in Letitia's eyes, even if this small Eastern Region had any secrets to keep, they would be nothing significant. Such a small place simply could not have some secret land.

But in any case, she was willing to accompany her husband wherever he went.

As soon as Letitia stepped into the space between the two bamboos, a white light flashed around her and she found herself in a strange place. A look of surprise appeared on her face now.

"It looks like this transmission array does not have any space channel, and I don't sense the power of the Space Law associated with it. That is unusual," she muttered.

Behind her, Margaret and Aura also passed through the two bamboos and found themselves in the same place.

The scenery around them was stunning due to the sheer magnitude of its size.

"These trees are so huge. Is this the world of giants?" Aura looked at the trees that stretched tall as a mountain, her eyes filled with shock.

At first glance, the surrounding scenery looked very normal indeed. But after careful observation for about a second or two, everything seemed to have been magnified countless times. Even the weeds that were growing below the trees were the size of a common house. It was as if this world was created specifically for giants.

Zen chuckled when he saw their shocked expressions. When he had first arrived at this place, he was only at the nature level. He had been scared by the scenery too, and at that time, there was an unbelievably large white tiger on the other side of the enchanted barrier. Fortunately, the barrier saved his life.

"What is this place?" Margaret asked curiously. In fact, to be perfectly honest, what this place was wasn't important to her at all. But seeing that Zen seemed to want to surprise them, she decided to play along. This man had her heart, after all.

Letitia and Aura were both curious in reality and looking towards Zen.

Zen smiled cunningly and replied, "Come with me! I'll show yo

he had left the fairy palace last time. Saul had told him that this token would allow him to control the outer courtyard and enter the fairy palace.

It was only a token. While it was true that he was the owner of this fairy palace, it didn't grant him any authority over the place.

The two enormous puppets immediately slowed down the moment Zen brought the token out of his space ring. Although they were still striding forward, it was obvious that they had no intention of attacking the company now.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They walked up to Zen and knelt down on one knee.

Zen nodded slightly, and then called out to the three of them. Though they were hesitant, the three continued walking into the inner courtyard.

Actually, at Zen's current strength level, these puppets couldn't have hurt him at all. However, since he had a token that allowed him to control them, he was obviously not going to waste any time fighting them.

After entering the inner courtyard, they saw a huge pond in front of them. Inside the pond, countless carps were rolling about.

Zen, who was still holding the token in his hand, walked straight into the enormous pavilion with the three women. He then began to move the statues in the pavilion and arranged them according to some rule. They managed to simply pass through the pavilion.

Soon after that, a voice floated their way. "Zen, my friend. It's been a long time. I've been waiting for you for four years now."

Not far away from them, stood a middle-aged man wearing a silken robe. This was Saul, who had given him the token the last time and who had been separated from Zen for quite a while now.

He looked like a puppet too, but a soul was hiding within the puppet.

Zen smiled and nodded at his friend. "You are right. It's been a while. How's everything going around here?"

"You tell me! In four years, you managed to jump from a nature level warrior to a Life and Death Realm warrior. Your cultivation speed can be considered quite remarkable," Saul replied. "But it's still not enough!"

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