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   Chapter 1267 They Met Again

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The inner disciple's face reflected his arrogance and craziness, his attacks getting fiercer by the minute.

But a greenish gray aura remained on the surface of Nory's body. His opponent wouldn't be able to knock him down even if he let out a shower of attacks against him.

The aura seemed unique, indicating that perhaps Nory had had his own fortuitous encounters.

"Nory, you can do it!"

"You can't lose to this guy from Skytop Peak!"

"Defend our dignity! We are the Number One peak!"

Zen smiled at the crowd's cheers. This battle was between the Skytop Peak and the Drizzle Peak.

The Drizzle Peak had ranked first back when Zen had defeated Rocher and Patrick. Rocher was from the Skytop Peak, which ended up second. It was completely unexpected that this situation had remained the same to this day.


Nory had blocked many of his opponent's attacks, but one finally made it through to hit him and sent him flying to the edge of the battle ring.

The black-robed disciple sneered as he walked towards Nory. He raised the weapon in his hand and asked, "Are you going to roll off yourself, or should I help you with it?"

Nory gritted his teeth and then stubbornly clenched his jaw. The life vitality within his body began to gather. Despite his disadvantage, he still wanted to retaliate.

"Looks like you won't give up. I'll simply have to disable you then!" The disciple of the Skytop Peak sneered again, raised the weapon in his hand and was about to smash it down on him.

A voice sounded from across the crowd. "Enough!"

The crowd parted as a woman made her way to the front. She was wearing a yellow waistcoat over a light yellow dress that accentuated her slim figure. Her face was as beautiful as a fairy's, but it had been four years and she had become more mature.

"Master Su!" Zen murmured as his eyes lit up.

Aura did not see him as he was floating in the air. She walked up to the side of the battle ring and said to Nory, "You've done well enough. Surrender, Nory."

"But Master Su—" Nory hesitated, unconvinced.

Aura smiled and said, "This is not perseverance, but recklessness. A warrior should know when to surrender."

As she looked at Nory, Aura was reminded of Zen. After all, not everyone had talent like Zen's. While perseverance was a very important quality, it was only when used together with talent that one could achieve the greatest of heights.

But it looked like Aura's words didn't have an effect on Nory, who stood up and charged

g all her energy on the Drizzle Peak, hoping to find more talented disciples, giving them the greatest help, and hoping for a better result. Only by doing so, would she be able to be patient for a little longer.

Four years wasn't a long time, and she hadn't thought that Zen would come back. In these four years, she had heard that Zen had offended a strong warrior from the Central Region, gone missing, returned, looked for a capable doctor, and then left the Central Region for a foreign land that was far beyond her imagination, in order to save the leader of the Cloud Hall.

The Eastern Region was too far away from the Central Region, and the information had not been transmitted smoothly. This meant that every emotion stayed with Aura for a long time until the next message was sent, before being replaced by another emotion, be it excitement, worry, hope, relief, or gratification.

But Zen had returned today! 'Have I been waiting for him?' she asked herself. Her mind was a mess. She could not think straight and did not know the answer.

Suddenly, her body trembled, as a pair of hands wrapped around her.

"Let me go!" Aura said, nervousness lacing her voice.

She was still a master, even if she was not that older than the disciples of Drizzle Peak. Many disciples on the mountainside were looking at her. She felt embarrassed and shy.

At her words, Zen hugged her even tighter and didn't let go for a long time. "I'm sorry I'm late," he said apologetically.

He had promised that he would come back.

On the other side of the Drizzle Peak, Margaret and Letitia were hiding behind a rock. Margaret smiled and said, "Look! I guessed right."

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