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   Chapter 1266 Battle

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After Kane disappeared, Kenneth was the only representative of the Cloud Hall in the Eastern Region, so who in the Burning Sky Palace could stand against him?

The Burning Sky Empire was merely an empire of mortals. They were as weak as infants in front of the warriors. No matter who the emperor was, what the powerful warriors decided was taken as the final word.

The officials of the imperial court were stunned at seeing what had happened, but no one dared say anything about it. As for the several Internal Elixir Realm warriors who lived in the Burning Sky Palace, none of them were willing to meddle in the matter.

Kenneth had given Aura two options. The first had been to depose Ray and ascend to the throne. The second one was to head for the Central Region to be with Zen.

However, Aura's decision surprised Kenneth. She did not choose to kill Ray to become the first empress of the Burning Sky Empire. She also did not leave the Eastern Region. Instead, she went back to Drizzle Peak of the Cloud Sect to continue to be a master.

Kenneth told Zen about what Aura had done while he had not been present in the Eastern Region.

Zen nodded lightly, a smile appearing on his face. It had to be said that Kenneth had done well enough. However, it surprised Zen that Aura was willing to stay at Drizzle Peak permanently.

The two of them spoke through life vitality. "What are you guys talking about?" Letitia asked curiously.

"Uh..." Kenneth was filled with embarrassment. Since Zen was using his life vitality to communicate with him, he naturally did not want to let the two women next to him in on the conversation. Kenneth could not reveal what they were talking about. He did not know what to say to Letitia.

Zen smiled. "It's nothing," he said. "Just some events that happened at the Cloud Sect. Tia, Margaret, now that you two are here, you should ask Master Shi to take you around. I have something to deal with."

Margaret stayed silent, her eyes fixed on Zen. When she saw the gleam in his eyes, she immediately guessed at what the matter was.

On the other hand, Letitia could not figure out what was going on. "What is it?" she asked again.

"Master Ning, please follow me," Kenneth said quickly. "I will be showing you the various peaks of the Cloud Sect later..."

Zen made up an excuse and left. Margaret and Letitia followed Kenneth, heading straight to the other direction.

The moment Kenneth entered the main hall, he asked the maids to serve them food. However, before they could enter the hall, Margaret came to stand at the gates.

Letitia glanced at Margaret. "What are you doing?"

Margaret smiled. "Nothing. I can sense that something is wrong."

"What's wrong this time?" Letitia asked her.

Margaret did not r

h. He slowly approached them.

Two disciples in black robes could be seen fighting on the battle ring.

'Why are the inner disciples fighting here?' Zen thought, a bit puzzled. A smile split his lips when he spotted someone. "There's Nory!" he muttered.

Nory had been Zen's first friend when he had entered the Cloud Sect. His temperament had clearly undergone a great change; different from what it had been when before. Most importantly, he had already become an inner disciple.

His talent was average and he didn't have enough willpower. Most of the time, it was only because of Zen's encouragement that Nory was able to brace himself and progress on his cultivation. Back then, Zen had stepped up and taken action against the master of the Mo Clan because of Nory...

It seemed that after he left, Nory had put in a great deal of effort into his cultivation. At the moment, he was standing on the battle ring, his life vitality exploding through. But his opponent's strength was not to be taken lightly, who might be even more powerful than Nory. However, Nory's willpower was unmatched. No matter how strong the opponent's counterattack, Nory could resist it. He would not be willing to retreat or give in.

Nory had indeed changed...

Zen sighed silently, but as he continued to observe the battle, he frowned.

The other warrior on the battle ring was obviously much stronger. He seemed to fight Nory effortlessly. There was an obvious playful expression on his face as he continued to strain Nory with his attacks. It was noisy but Zen could still hear the warrior's comment. "You people are delusional. The Drizzle Peak doesn't have it in them to be ranked as number one among the thirty-three peaks!" he spoke with a sneer. "Only Zen was the outstanding one here. After he left, this place turned just as ordinary as before."

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