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   Chapter 1265 Aura's Whereabouts

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The Cloud Sect was a second grade sect affiliated to the Cloud Hall.

But to a majority of the disciples and stewards in the Cloud Sect, the Cloud Hall was a legend.

There were very few disciples in the Cloud Sect who could enter the Cloud Hall.

The All Peaks Competition was held every three years, and only the top three from the competition would earn tickets to the Cloud Road. But there were hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Cloud Sect, and they had only one in a hundred thousandth chance to enter the Cloud Road.

Besides, the elites of the Cloud Sect would have to compete with the disciples of other four second-grade sects.

The leader of the Cloud Sect could only be considered a steward in the Cloud Hall, at most. He didn't even have the qualifications to become an elder. It could be deduced from this how high and mighty the Cloud Hall was.

Zen had no intention of hiding anything, so he told Cao everything about Letitia's identity.

But he had overestimated Cao's ability to accept this. Cao's mouth was wide open as he looked at Letitia, his face fearful. He was lost for words at the moment.

There were some elders from the Cloud Hall who had visited the Cloud Sect before. But the leader of the Cloud Hall had never personally been here. For a moment, Cao could not tell what was going on, but he was quick to recover. He bowed to Letitia and said respectfully, "I feel honored that Master Ning has personally come to the Cloud Sect. I will report this to our leader immediately!"

It was up to Kenneth to judge if the person before him was the leader of the Cloud Hall or not. Cao only needed to perform his duty and pass the information to the leader.

With that, Cao jumped onto his flying chariot and rushed into the Cloud Sect.

"Cao, why are you in such a hurry? What has happened?" one of his companions asked.

But Cao didn't have the time to talk to him. He didn't pause, ignoring the steward as he headed straight to the hall.

"Crazy idiot!" the steward cursed at Cao. The other stewards were also baffled. What had just happened? They turned, only to find three people standing at the entrance of the Cloud Sect, the cultivation level of whom they couldn't figure out. They were all startled and then became anxious as they thought of how Cao had left in a hurry.

It didn't matter who these three people were. All they knew was that they weren't someone they could afford to offend.

Moments after Cao had left, a burly figure rushed over to the entrance. It was Kenneth, the leader of the Cloud Sect.

"Master Shi!"

"Master Shi!"

The stewards were good at judging situations through people's expressions. As they watched Master Shi hurry over, they assumed that the three people standing at the entrance of the sect were someone important. But they didn't have a clue who these three people were.

When Kenneth arrived, he first saw Zen and was pleasan

ion. Zen had earned all the resources he had relied on for practice through his own efforts. Kenneth had not expected Zen to become the strongest warrior in the Central Region within just a few years.

Kenneth knew all about Letitia and Zen's wedding ceremony which had taken place a while ago. But the Cloud Sect had only sent them a lavish gift. The people who were invited to the wedding ceremony were all leaders of the third-grade sects. Although the Cloud Sect was affiliated to the Cloud Hall, it wasn't qualified enough to attend the wedding ceremony since it was only a second-grade sect.

And now, Zen had suddenly returned to the Eastern Region. It was true that Zen's family was in the Eastern Region, but what concerned Zen the most was still the Sky Princess Aura.

Letitia and Margaret followed Kenneth and Zen for a tour of the Cloud Sect.

As they moved ahead, Zen asked Kenneth through his life vitality, "Master Shi, where is Master Su?"

Kenneth had expected Zen to inquire about this, so he replied truthfully, "After you left the Eastern Region, Aura was still confined in the royal palace. But half a year later, I brought her back to the Cloud Sect. She then returned to Drizzle Peak and did her job as a master."

Kenneth had promised Zen that as long as he was around, nobody could harm Aura. He said that he couldn't help Aura grab the throne, but he could guarantee her safety.

A year after the promise, when news of Zen's rise in fame in the Martial Arts Contest reached Kenneth, he changed his mind.

Kenneth knew of the relationship between Aura and Zen. He knew that in the future, Zen would definitely become a core member of the Cloud Hall.

Kenneth arrived at the Burning Sky Palace the day after he had obtained information about Zen's achievement in the Martial Arts Contest and kicked Ray off the throne in front of all the civil and military officials. He then released Aura from her house arrest.

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