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   Chapter 1264 Return to the Cloud Sect

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As he looked south, a figure appeared in his heart, shocking Zen.

The figure belonged to Aura, the eldest princess of the Burning Sky Empire who always took care of and protected him in the past. She was always dressed in green.

After Zen had left the Eastern Region, he had channeled most of his time and energy into rescuing Yan. Aura had been waiting for him in the Eastern Region, but it was only now that he got the chance to return to her.

He thought of Aura who ran about wildly in the palace with him, smashing one wall after another as she looked on, a carefree smile on her face. She didn't have high expectations, always acting like a teacher who had enlightened him about the world. She had always tried her best to do everything the right way and never demanded anything.

Zen felt a sudden sense of guilt as he thought of this.

Zen's reputation had risen rapidly within the Cloud Hall. After that, he had become very powerful and famous in the Central Region, his reputation spreading to the Eastern Region, too. This was enough to ensure Aura's safety.

Kenneth wasn't the leader of the Cloud Sect for no reason. He was not a fool. He wouldn't even dare let Aura suffer even the slightest of injuries.

Zen wasn't worried about Aura's safety. He had once promised to return to the Eastern Region, but he hadn't been able to keep his promise for a long time. According to everyone else, four years was not a long period of time. They thought Zen to be amazing, having achieved so much in the world and now returning to the Eastern Region, after having been away for such a short time. Zen had already had several chances to return to the Eastern Region before. But he had chosen to spend his time cultivating because of Yan.

This looked like Zen had left Aura behind, without contacting her during the time he had been away.

Zen could choose one of two routes to go back to the Eastern Region. One was to pass through the transmission array and enter the relics of the sixth-grade sect, and the other was to directly pass through the Central Region.

In the past, Zen would probably have chosen the shortest route and passed through the transmission array.

But Zen wasn't in a hurry right now. It was as if he had a lot of spare time that he could use to relax. He travelled east with Letitia and Margaret, choosing to pass through the entire Central Region before entering the Eastern Region.

"I've never been to the Eastern Region," Letitia said with a smile.

The two women seemed to be happy as they made their way to the east. Zen didn't know if they were still in conflict but at least now, they weren't being openly hostile to each other.

Margaret blinked and smiled. "I've never been there either, but I want to see Zen's hometown where he grew up!"

The Eastern Region was merely an extension of the Central Region. But it was stil

remarkable performances. He had even tried to report Zen's great performance to the top leaders, but was stopped by several saints.

Kenneth had punished those saints, one even killed, in the All Peaks Competition. But once that was over, those saints had begun trying to get back at Steward Cao because of the humiliation they had faced. But Steward Cao wasn't the reason behind Kenneth's fury. Those saints had later found a reason and demoted Steward Cao to the position of a patrolling steward.

"Why have you been demoted?" Zen asked curiously.

Steward Cao was overjoyed, guessing that Zen was in a very high position now. He probably would not be able to get any benefit from Zen, but since Zen had himself asked about it, there might be a chance that Zen could help him be promoted to a higher position. It might be difficult for someone like Steward Cao to achieve something, but Zen might be able to help him get what he wanted just by giving an order.

So he briefly told Zen about what had transpired.

Zen nodded, but before he could say anything, Letitia frowned and said, "I have never been to the Cloud Sect before and had never expected such a boring thing to happen in a second-grade sect. I wonder how Kenneth manages the sect. If I meet him, I'll have to punish him for that."

Steward Cao's jaw dropped a little as he heard Letitia refer to the Cloud Sect leader by his name. She was blaming the leader? And would she do that to his face? Who was this woman?

Steward Cao did not dare ask, but he was secretly trying to guess Letitia's identity.

As he saw Steward Cao's expression, Zen smiled. "Alright. Since the top leader is paying attention to this matter, I believe there should be no problem at all."

"The top leader?" At Zen's words, Steward Cao mustered enough courage to ask, "This fairy-like lady is..."

"She's the leader of Cloud Hall," Zen said with a nonchalant shrug.

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