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   Chapter 1263 Four Years (Part Two)

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This time also, Zen had no intention of speaking out loud, but the old man still patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, "Nobody can repeat the paths of those who have become legends, nor could they ever predict the path for those who will. No one has the right to point the way for you. Not even a Supreme Lord! But you should remember one thing: even if I don't bring you to the Celestial Position race, and even if your blood is not changed, you are already a member of our race. I believe you will remember the promise you have made in the Tower of Crystal!"

With that, the old man stood up from his seat and waved the porcelain teacup in his hands as he asked Margaret, "May I have another cup of tea?"

Margaret smiled and walked over to fill his cup. After the old man drank his third cup in one gulp too, he looked at the Ancestral Dragon roaming around near Margaret's feet and said, "Oh, I almost forgot, we have also decided to leave the Ancestral Dragon here with you. Okay, I must go now! See you next time!"

But Zen simply kept quiet in response. He was sure the old man would interrupt him again if he spoke.

Therefore, it wasn't he who responded to the old man's goodbye, but Margaret.

She smiled softly and asked, "Sir, what is your name? Would you mind telling it to me?"

The old man tilted his head and smiled at her. His mouth moved slightly and a slight, invisible wave of life vitality spread out towards Margaret.

After that, his figure flashed and suddenly disappeared from their sight.

'Nameless... The old man's name is Nameless. No wonder he told Zen that he d

e at that time. This was the happy future she was looking forward to.

In the following days, besides accompanying Letitia and Margaret, Zen spent the rest of his time cultivating. Half a month later, he stepped out of the Cloud Hall and looked to the east.

The Eastern Region...

Four years had passed like a flash since he had set foot on the Cloud Road.

To most warriors, four years were almost negligible compared to their long lives. But Zen had only been twenty years old at that time. Four years was already a fifth of his past life, and in these four years, his life had almost completely turned around. He had been through a lot during this time.

"It's time to go back now. It's time to go back to the Clout Sect." He muttered to himself.

In the last four years, Zen had travelled without even a day's rest on the way. From the moment he left his home, he had never had the time to rest, and even when he was home, he hadn't had an easy time. And now he believed that he needed to pay a visit to the Eastern Region now that he finally had the time.

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