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   Chapter 1262 Four Years (Part One)

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Margaret walked in, or rather, flew into the room with a faint smile on her face. She asked the old man in a sweet tone, "Sir, may I offer you a cup of tea?"

The old man chuckled at the softness of her tone and nodded in agreement.

The kind and considerate Elder Apeiron was the wife of this old man, and she had just become Elder Apeiron's disciple the previous night, so it was only right that she now treated the old man in front of her with great respect. However, she was currently unwilling to let Zen find out that she was trying to improve herself in cultivation.

Smiling upon the consent she had received, Margaret sifted a pot of green tea before brewing a cup and handing it over to the old man, who accepted with an ecstatic expression on his face.

He was very happy to have found this girl. Laughing loudly, he showed his happiness, "That's a good girl! No one among my disciples is so courteous like you!"

He was sure that his wife must be very grateful to him for introducing such a talented disciple to her. And now, upon discovering what a sweet and good mannered girl she was, he felt even more pleased with his discovery. However, since he was able to read her mind, he also understood the bitterness she had borne in mind at the wedding ceremony the day before. It was his pity for the lovesick girl that had made him praise her to the skies in front of Zen, whether the effort bore fruit or not.

Margaret smiled with gratitude as she prepared another cup of tea. She handed it over steadily to Zen and then retreated to one side, giving the two men some room to talk.

After Zen had taken a small sip of his tea, he turned to the old man and began t

in. He was sure that the old man wouldn't let him ask it anyway.

As he expected, the old man piped up, "There's no reason for that at all! I've thought about it a lot. Anyone without a destined fate has to choose his or her own path. You possess the talent and the strength to lead the world of chaos, and yet, you are not destined for it. You will have to make a decision on your own. Nobody should interfere with your fortune or your future..."

Zen took another sip of his tea in silence. Yolande had said similar words to him just some time ago.

She was ready to fight the Celestial Position race for keeping Klein on her side. Klein was the one who had received the silver Asura title. However, she had said that she wouldn't interfere a single bit with Zen's matters. In fact, even after he had obtained the Heavenly Fragment in the past, she hadn't had any reactions and had just let Zen make the decision by himself.

Zen was indeed completely free to choose his path. But one little doubt was still nagging him. He felt that he still needed someone to point him in the right direction. He was conflicted.

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