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   Chapter 1261 Elder Apeiron

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Yes, sex was nice but it wasn't incentive enough for men to enter the Soul Enchanting Building where few souls dare to tread.

Why? Because no matter how much pleasure one experienced in life, it would all be for nothing if he ended up dying from too much.

The women in the Soul Enchanting Building had no need to force anything on anyone. Their top-tier flirtation skills were enough to make any man never want to leave. Once caught under their spell, the men would indulge themselves in the sins of the flesh non-stop, until their bodies were drained and their life vitality greatly depleted. All their hundred or even thousand years of hard work and cultivation would all be taken away. The danger of damaging one's core power was high and the worst that could happen was death.

There was no way Margaret would join such a place. It was true that she wanted a man but that man was Zen and Zen alone.

The Purple Jade Building, on the other hand, was a place where love was forbidden which she would also never accept.

'I was tricked by that wicked old man…'

she brooded resentfully. What should she do now? She was already here. How would she be able to escape with these two people in front of her? She briefly wondered if she could use the space node to escape and go back to the Central Region. However, what if she brought trouble to Zen? This was truly a tight spot she found herself in.

Meanwhile, as these questions rushed through her mind, Leah and Krista began arguing.

The two bickered persistently, opposing each other as both were unwilling to give way. Margaret had a first-rank Purple Power Body, a very valuable asset for whoever got her as a disciple, so neither of them were willing to lose. Just as their arguing turned into screaming, an old and dignified voice called out, "Will the two of you go away!"

Both Leah and Krista froze, their argument forgotten as an old woman walked into the scene.

The woman wore a solemn expression on her face and held a cane in her hand.

Despite having shouted at each other wildly just moments before, both Leah and Krista immediately composed themselves and extended a respectful greeting to the old woman, "Elder Apeiron!"

The Purple Power World had three renowned buildings and a famous tower. One was the Purple Jade Building, the second was the Soul Enchanting Building, and the third was the Moon Building. But the one that held the absolute power over all of them was the Apeiron Tower!

The old woman in front of them was none other than the tower's owner: Elder Apeiron!

The old woman hobbled slowly towards Margaret with the help of her cane. "Good, very good! That old fellow has found a good disciple for me!"

Krista's eyes immediately widened at the old master's words, "Elder Apeiron, I was the one who found her first…" she whined. There was

ately grabbed her hand at lightning speed.

Letitia pouted cutely. "You're so annoying. Let go of me!"

But how could Zen let her go? He smiled and pulled her closer to his tight embrace.

"Hmph, last night you…" she started to protest once again.

Zen laughed, interrupting her before she could finish her words, "Don't mention that. You almost froze me!"

"You deserved it! You were so naughty! Be like that again and I'll freeze you to death!" she teased.

"I'm not afraid of being frozen. If you don't believe me, maybe we should do it again…" He laughed suggestively.

"No way! Do you think I'm an idiot…"

The morning was filled with soft touches and cheerful laughter. This went on for a while until they had to get up and bathe. Letitia put her hair up in a bun, revealing her small and tender earlobes. After marriage, it was customary for the bride in the Central Region to tie her hair up in a bun for three days after the wedding day. The hairstyle changed her usual cheerful and playful look into that of a dignified young woman.

Zen, on the other hand, made his way straight for the old man's place. The mysterious old man still hadn't left Cloud Hall and Zen had yet to figure out what he came here for.

The Cloud Hall had arranged a tea house for the old man to rest in. Zen found him drinking tea leisurely once he arrived.

Zen respectfully bowed before him just after entering. The old man chuckled as he saw another figure fly over from outside the tea house. It seemed that Margaret had also returned.

Zen found it weird to see Margaret look so worn out as if she had just returned from a terribly long journey. Did she leave Cloud Hall yesterday? Where could she have gone to?

He remembered the old man talking to Margaret yesterday and now she rushed over here so early in the morning. Did something happen between the two? Zen wondered curiously.

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