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   Chapter 1260 The Soul Enchanting Building

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The Purple Jade Building was extremely famous in the universe, but Margaret didn't know about it and also could not totally understand what the beautiful woman said.

Although she had to join the Purple Jade Building if she wanted to become the beautiful woman's disciple, Margaret didn't mind it at all. With a smile on her face, she said to the beautiful woman, "Okay! No problem!"

At this moment, the beautiful woman raised her head to take a look. Those large words that were formed by the giant swords seemed to form a poem which showed how much Margaret missed a man.

Thus, the beautiful woman frowned and said, "The cultivation method of the Purple Jade Building emphasizes pure heart and few desires. If you still have any ties with the mortal world, you must get rid of them one by one. Don't even think about anything else while cultivating here."

"What..." Margaret blinked. It was different from what the old man had told her, but she still shook her head resolutely. "That's impossible. If so, I will not join the Purple Jade Building or acknowledge you as my master!"

The beautiful woman also did not expect that Margaret would change so quickly.

But Margaret had the first-rank Purple Power Body, so the beautiful woman would not give up persuading Margaret to be her disciple.

She coldly laughed. "You are still young and immature, so I won't allow you to do any reckless thing as you wish."

Margaret didn't care how powerful the beautiful woman was, and she insisted on saying, "I will not join the Purple Jade Building! Don't force me to do that!"

When the woman called Bridget saw that her master pulled a long face, she quickly persuaded, "Margaret, my master's suggestion is also for your own good. I think you had better..."

Margaret got even more morose. She just wanted to be the beautiful woman's disciple, but she didn't know that there was such an annoying rule. At this moment, she did not say anything and was going to leave.

But just as she was about to turn around, she felt as if her body was stuck in quicksand; she couldn't move even a single step.

"Caw!" However, the Ancestral Dragon was not affected in the slightest. It leapt onto Margaret's shoulder and roared at the beautiful woman!

"This little dragon... isn't affected at all!" the beautiful woman exclaimed. The beautiful woman revealed a trace of surprise on her face.

In truth, this Ancestral Dragon was able to break free from the shackles of most of Original Laws. Even the high-grade Space Law and Time Law had no effect on it.

"Let me go!" Margaret wanted to leave here and return to the great world she had lived in. When she was unable to move, she suddenly waved her hand and all the giant swords in the sky smashed down.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman smiled faintly and waved her hand, which caused the gigantic swords

udent and immoral woman! You don't have the right to scold me!" The beautiful woman was livid when she saw the pretty woman on the bed appear.

The barely clothed woman named Leah Zhao lifted her body up and coiled her legs like two thin snakes. She then placed an arm on the shoulder of one of the strong men. A charming smile lit up her face as she looked up at the poem in the sky. "Little girl, I see that you are not a virgin anymore. And you made such a gloomy poem in the sky with the giant swords because you miss a man very much, right? You should consider joining the Soul Enchanting Building. Not only can you play with all kinds of men, but you can learn about the secret female-male dual cultivation methods..."

"Bitch!" the beautiful woman hissed before Leah Zhao finished speaking.

Leah Zhao didn't get angry even after being insulted. She simply smiled and said, "There is more than one way to cultivate martial arts. Krista, we've already argued many times, but you haven't convinced me even once."

Margaret stood in her spot and hugged the Ancestral Dragon. Her mind was a mess and she felt very confused, as she had no idea who were these people she encountered.

She didn't know that there were three buildings in the Purple Power World, and that they were well known throughout the universe. The beautiful woman, Krista Hua, was the leader of the Purple Jade Building, while Leah Zhao was the leader of the Soul Enchanting Building.

However, these two buildings differed greatly from each other. The Purple Jade Building was a typical nunnery, so those who wished to enter it must have little to no desire and stop thinking about anyone or anything in their lives.

As the name suggested, the Soul Enchanting Building was indeed a tempting place for many male warriors. Plenty of bold and promiscuous girls lived there, but not many warriors dared to enter such a place.

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