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   Chapter 1259 The Purple Jade Building

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The woman in the purple robe was jealous but she didn't let it mess with her mind. She thought that Margaret's ability of controlling the swords was amazing. Moreover, since Margaret could use millions of giant swords at will, her Purple Power Body must surely be at a high grade.

As she thought this, the woman in the purple robe controlled the large ship and descended slowly.

Margaret was enjoying playing with the swords. As her eyes flashed, she pulled them out one by one from the slowly spinning whirlpool. They came together to form words in the air.

"In the cold, long night, only loneliness comes to me when I think of you."

As Margaret gazed at the sentence in the sky, her eyes turned wistful. She might look happy as she played, but she still couldn't drive away the loneliness in her heart.

The woman in purple had already left the large ship. As she looked up at the words, a sneer took place on her face. "Such a pathetic woman!" she muttered acidly.

She fumed inwardly for a while as she thought and then said to Margaret, "With your talent, you can choose any outstanding man in the entire universe once you achieve your cultivation. Why do you have to be so miserable?"

Margaret had been too focused to notice the large ship and the woman in purple. But at the woman's words, she turned and took a long look at her before saying, "No matter how outstanding the other men are, they won't ever match up to him."

"Other men are inferior to him? I don't believe that," the woman in purple said disdainfully. According to her, Margaret only had a cultivation base that was at the Internal Elixir Realm and she didn't know anything about the Purple Power World. She must have been born in some Lower World, and she was of the opinion that warriors of the Lower World were not very remarkable.

Moreover, Margaret was just an Internal Elixir Realm warrior, which meant that the man she was longing for might not have a high-level cultivation base, probably at the Virtual Tribulation Realm. But if he was really so outstanding, he might, at most, be a Life and Death Realm warrior. And according to the woman in the purple robe, such a warrior was a mere nobody. The female warriors of the Lower World always had limited horizons and didn't know that there were far too many outstanding men in the universe.

Margaret did not want to talk about this and was a little incensed with the woman in purple, but she asked suddenly, "Are you my master?"

She had learned from the old man that as long as she entered the Purple Power World, a 'master' would naturally come looking for her. Since the woman in purple had appeared alone, Margaret's mind had immediately jumped to the thought that perhaps this woman was her master.

The woman in purple was taken aback at Margaret's words.

She was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, which meant th

ating in the air.

She had just learned from her disciple about the woman with a high-rank Purple Power body that her disciple had discovered. Her body might be at least a third-rank blue-purple body. At this news, she had hurriedly rushed over from the Purple Jade Building.

The number of the Purple Power Bodies in the universe was huge. But most of them were light purple or cyan-purple. The light purple body and the cyan-purple body were at the sixth rank and the fifth rank respectively. The number of fourth-rank Purple Power body was extremely small. And if a woman had a fourth-rank Purple Power body, she had the qualifications to unconditionally join the Purple Jade Building.

So when her disciple had told her that there was a woman with the blue-purple body, she was eager to meet her. She believed that Margaret might have the third-rank Purple Power Body.

But she was left shocked when she saw Margaret. It wasn't a third-rank or a second-rank Purple Power Body that Margaret had. It was much higher! She had the first-rank black-purple body. How had a first-rank Purple Power Body appeared? It was next to impossible! The beautiful woman was momentarily confused.

"Master..." the woman in purple uttered softly, kneeling before her master.

Realizing that she had lost her composure, the beautiful woman said to the woman in purple, "Bridget, please stand up."

She then walked over to Margaret as Bridget went up to take the beautiful woman's arm. As they came to stop before Margaret, she asked her, "What is your name?"

Realizing that the beautiful woman was her master, Margaret bowed and replied, "My surname is Xi, and my first name is Margaret."

"Margaret Xi?" the beautiful woman asked.

Margaret nodded.

The beautiful woman then said, "I'm the leader of the Purple Jade Building. If you take me as your master, then you'll have to join the Purple Jade Building."

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