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   Chapter 1258 Sword River

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The fact that the swords weren't returned immediately after being borrowed was a nuisance. Instead, they had been pulled down from the Southern Sky Region, attracting the attention of the purple-robed woman.

'Could it be that someone is practicing the Colorful Sword Array?' she thought curiously.

The Colorful Sword Array was a kind of sword array in the Purple Power World. For a cultivator to practice it, eleven thousand colossal swords had to be used.

But what happened soon after made her disregard the assumption completely—the number of gigantic swords that were pulled out of the deep sky before her increased.

At first, only one or two swords fell. In the next moment, the number grew to dozens, then hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands…

There had to be over a hundred thousand swords coming down—the number of great swords left in the sky of the Southern Sky Region was dwindling.

"So many are coming down. Is the person taking them as some kind of food?" The woman's expression shifted entirely.

Although there was a great number of swords in the Purple Power World, there were also quite a lot of martial artists that possessed the Purple Power Body. Countless great swords would be borrowed out every day.

But usually after these swords fell and fulfilled the task, they would be returned immediately. It was a rather normal thing to witness the swords constantly flying away and coming back.

Very few people would ever attempt to summon all 99.9 billion great swords in one go—such a person who could do that would need to at least possess the first-rank Purple Power Body, which was the black-purple body. But warriors at such a level were already powerful in themselves and normally didn't need to use the swords. Although the weapons were powerful enough to destroy a great world, they weren't much of a threat to the most powerful masters. In dealing with the masters, these swords only served as an intimidation tactic.

In the instance of two masters fighting against each other, if one of them had the ability to summon numerous swords, then the warrior could wipe out all the disciples and supporters on the other side.

Still, it was a rare occurrence. A year ago, the giant swords in the Southern Sky Region had once been summoned away on a large scale. Although it wasn't clear who had done it, the astonishing number of swords being summoned away was enough to attract the attention of the powerful masters of the Purple Power World.

Only when a high-rank Purple Power Body appeared could it be possible. At the very least, a third-rank blue-purple body or a second-rank exact-purple body warrior would be able to achieve it.

Meanwhile, many people were sent to search through the Purple Power World, hoping to find w

m happened to be rich enough, they could forge one hundred and ten thousand low-grade sacred weapons to be used in the sword array.

But many masters in the Purple Power World could control 1.1 million great swords simultaneously—all of which were top-grade sacred weapons.

As for the super masters, they were able to control as many as eleven million great swords. In the eyes of these super masters, however, the divine weapons weren't of much value. But because they couldn't find eleven million divine weapons, they could only mix in a few divine weapons in the array.

At that moment, the one performing the stunt could control millions of gigantic swords with ease.

What was even more unbelievable was how the sword array changed according to a certain pattern. Through continuous practice, one could control the sword array more accurately—the weapons didn't form the shape of a massive sword but instead formed varying figures.


The purple-robed woman adjusted the angle of the ship and passed right by the densely packed bunch of swords. A woman in white stood below her, wearing a big smile—she controlled the swords with astonishing facility.

'Indeed… she's merely playing with them…' The sight was rather disturbing to the purple-robed woman. 'She's a young girl at the Internal Elixir Realm. How could she be doing this?'

Jealousy surged within her—usually, it was easy for women to fall victim to envy when faced with someone stronger than themselves. An Internal Elixir Realm martial artist was considered as weak as a newborn baby as far as the Upper World was concerned. Strictly speaking, a warrior at such level couldn't even be considered to have passed the threshold of martial arts. Nonetheless, the girl before her was freely controlling all the swords as she pleased. It was too unfair, she thought.

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