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   Chapter 1257 Wedding Candle

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The old man couldn't help but rub his forehead, trying to figure out just what happened to Margaret.

His wife was the supreme master of the Purple Power World and countless warriors would kill to become her disciples. Margaret, however, was different. He was actually the one who tried his best to convince her to cultivate and become his wife's disciple. It took him so long to persuade the young lady and she had finally agreed!

He also had wanted to say something to Zen but it wouldn't be appropriate given the context of the situation, so he could only put it aside for now.

The celebration lasted for hours with festivities going on well into the night. It was very late when the guests finally departed, leaving the Cloud Hall in silence once again.

Letitia sat stiffly on the bed, the sheets underneath made of exquisite golden silk and brown cocoon fibre. It felt like soft, buttery clouds underneath her touch.

In this world, an ordinary girl was normally married at the age of fourteen or fifteen. Letitia was by no means old, but it was true that she had married a bit late compared to other mortal girls.

She was also a virgin, which naturally made her nervous and also a bit frightened.

The discomfort made her chatty, constantly finding random stuff to talk about with her new husband. "Who was that old man we met today?" she asked in a hushed voice.

Zen shook his head and smiled. "I'm not sure."

The old man had made no effort to reveal his identity, but he stayed in Cloud Hall for the meantime. Zen roughly guessed that he was someone powerful, maybe even a master sent by the Celestial Position. Or perhaps he was from the human race. After all, he knew Derek would have surely reported his information to the Upper World.

Letitia's bright eyes widened. "You're not sure who he is? Then why did you take his pill?" Her expression was stern but the playfulness in her tone made her look adorable.

Her face tugged on Zen's heartstrings as he sat down next to her. "You also saw him feed it to me so…"

It was true that he didn't know what that pill was for but his body remained the same. There was no reaction so far so maybe it still hadn't taken effect. Zen would have to wait to find out what effect the pill that old

itment to walk the path of a warrior for love.


With a light wave of her hand, a gigantic sword descended from the sky.

"A sword..."


"Two swords..."

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Countless gigantic swords were summoned and descended upon the Purple Power World.

These nine hundred and ninety-nine swords were densely packed in the sky, arranged by a certain order. These swords would normally disappear and return to their original positions after slashing down.

However, Margaret was currently in the Purple Power World and her summoned swords did not return to their original positions.

These swords were controlled by warriors from different sky regions of the Purple Power World.

In the Southern Sky Region, a large ship decked in precious jewels glided in the sky. At the bow of the ship stood a woman, seemingly around 30 years old and still charming with her fair, exquisite face.

Her purple robe floated elegantly around her figure as the wind whooshed past the ship. However, this serene image was quickly interrupted by the sight of huge swords dropping rapidly from the sky.

The woman frowned. "What's going on?"

The gigantic swords of the Purple Power World had the ability to penetrate space and arrive at their destination in an instant. This could be considered as a type of Law of Causality so that no matter where a warrior was, in this world or another, they could make use of these swords so long as they had the Purple Power Body.

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