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   Chapter 1255 Margaret's Doubt

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Zen was also taken aback by the old man's words, but it wasn't the divine weapon that incited this astonishment.

Divine weapons were rare and precious, true. But with Zen's current level of knowledge, he wasn't too shocked after seeing one. He had, after all, a Black Star pickaxe!

What shocked him was the old man's words.

Warriors at the Soul Sea Realm could open up a Soul Sea inside their bodies. But those at the Spirit Supreme Realm could in fact, solidify their life vitality and build up a world of their own. For example, Brianna had operated on her inner world for a hundred thousand years. But she had only managed to create a tiny island, and the creatures on this island were still going through a primitive period.

Warriors at such a high cultivation level didn't have much of a use for space rings. Their inner worlds could replace such small totems.

This old man had also stored his treasures inside his belly. However, according to his words, there was also a Soul Sea Realm master in the world inside his body, and that was inconceivable.

The inner world was formed and solidified through life vitality, and the lives inside it were created by borrowing the power of thunder. They bred and evolved very, very slowly.

After those living beings developed their wisdom to a certain extent, they could then borrow the life vitality from within the inner world they were living in and cultivate on their own.

However, the space within such inner worlds was limited, and the resources available were very few. After all, such inner worlds were tiny.

But even after that, somehow, the person inside this old man's inner world was able to cultivate himself to the Soul Sea Realm. Just how large was his inner world? Just how strong was this old man?

Seeing that Zen's face was filled with shock at his words, the old man waved his hand and told him, "Alright, I've already given my gifts to both of you. Now your wedding ceremony is the most important thing, so just leave me alone and get on with your shenanigans. You can talk to me later if you want!"

Letitia bowed to the old man respectfully for the precious gift he had given her. Although this divine weapon was 'too simple' in the old man's eyes, it was still a precious item for her, and its value was more than a 'simple thing'. She knew that the old man had given it to her for Zen's sake only, but that was no reason for her not to accept it with gratitude.

At that moment, Margaret, who was going around in her everyday clothes, suddenly appeared some distance away.



Xander and Brent shouted at the same time when they saw her.

In fact, the people of the Xi Family were not overly happy about today's wedding ceremony. They didn't want it to happen. However, it would be impolite for them to not attend, so they had to swallow their resentment and attend when Zen invited them.

Before Margaret showed up, Xander and Brent had been very worried about her. They were afraid that she would be unhappy the entire day.

Margaret nodded at her brother and her great grand

more than happy to help her.

After all, anyone with the Black-purple Power Body had the potential to control the Purple Power World. It was extremely rare to find someone who possessed it in the entire universe.

The problem was that once Margaret had activated her Purple Power Body, she had only borrowed the huge swords from within it and had once pulled Zen and Letitia into the Purple Power World to save them. At other times, she had never used her powers and in fact, had steered clear of the world she belonged to.

"No wonder the old lady didn't notice you," the old man shook his head and then asked, "Do you want to become a master? How about I find you a teacher?"

Margaret stared at him with a strange expression on her face. She felt like he was simply talking nonsense. She was willing to sit here and listen to him because he had told her that she could stay with Zen for countless years in the future, but now he was talking about irrelevant matters like teaching and becoming a master. Why should she become a super master? Why should she find a teacher? Did that have anything to do with Zen?

Margaret was becoming impatient again, and she answered perfunctorily, "No, thank you. I have no interest in that."

"What? You have no interest? Don't you understand my words? You could become a powerful cultivator who can look down on everyone else in the entire universe!" What the old man didn't know was that he was now deviating from the main point that he had mentioned just now and thereby, losing Margaret's attention.

"So what if I become more powerful than everyone else? What fun would that be?" Margaret began to doubt that the old man was just making a fool of her. She stood up from her seat and decided to leave with the Ancestral Dragon in her arms.

Seeing her actions, the old man thought for a moment and finally discovered the crux of the problem. He now understood that this young lady had no interest in martial arts at all. But even so, he was not disappointed because he also found a way to convince her otherwise.

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