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   Chapter 1254 A Divine Weapon

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The old man's actions were sudden, and everyone's faces changed drastically.

However, there was also a small group of warriors who had a smirk on their faces. Like a comet, Zen had risen quickly to prominence and had been in the limelight for a long time. But in the end, even he was defeated by someone.

Letitia's expressions turned stern and her face became red with fury. She stomped her feet, and the pearl crown on her head swayed as she began to rush towards Zen.

Imogen, Xander and the three fat alliance heads all had nervous expressions on their faces. They didn't know what was going to happen next.

However, before anyone could react, time suddenly stopped.

In the Heavenly Stellar Sacred Place, when they had hatched the Ancestral Dragon Egg, the Celestial Position warriors had increased the time flow rate. This meant that every day inside the hatchery was just a few seconds. Time passed as quickly as sand running through one's fingers in there. One year had passed in the outside world, while inside that barrier, a thousand years passed.

And now, in the Cloud Hall, time had become a thousand times slower.

Everything was happening at a speed that was a thousandth of the outside world. People moved slower than a snail. In fact, it was safe to say they weren't moving at all. It was difficult for the naked eye to notice their movement.

What was even more terrifying was the area that was affected. Time had almost come to a halt within a one-thousand-mile radius of the Cloud Hall. This was in stark contrast to the enchanted barrier, both in terms of direction and area.

The birds in the sky stopped in midair, and the smoke leaving the chimneys solidified into a column that did not get dispersed. The ripples on the surface of the lake also remained the same. Of course this was only for the outside world.

However, somehow, the Ancestral Dragon was unaffected by this change.

"Gagoom…" the Ancestral Dragon cried. At its current age, its intelligence was the same as a human toddler's. Although it was not affected by the change in the time flow rate, it was curious about why Margaret had stopped moving.

Suddenly, as if by instinct, it seemed to sense something and flew out of the window, heading straight towards the Martial Arts Hall.

The old man smiled and looked up at the sky before he left out a sigh, "Time waits for no one. Although your cultivation has advanced tremendously, resources in the Lower World are scarce. You're still too slow. Let me lend a helping hand."

Just as he finished speaking, the Ancestral Dragon flew in.


the beast called out anxiously when it saw Zen lying on the ground with his eyes closed. Its

er said anything about it, but do you really think they are yours to keep?"

Everyone was looking at each other in astonishment. Was this guy crazy? 'Why is this old man talking to his stomach? Is he a madman?'

At that moment, Zen stood up and asked with a smile on his face, "Are there experts in your inner world who possess and use divine weapons?"

The old man rolled his eyes. "There's a guy inside my body. He's reached the cultivation base of Soul Sea Realm. He directly occupies all the space in my body and proclaims himself to be the sacred emperor. He even hid the one thousand divine weapons I had stored in my inner world. He thinks that they are his own. Silly him! Damn! Bring them out!"

After that, the old man pointed his finger and a bright gold bracelet suddenly appeared out of nowhere and floated into his hands. The old man now laughed, "I came in a hurry and didn't have time to prepare something good. This bracelet is the only thing I thought was appropriate on this occasion. It's a bit too simple. I'm embarrassed to give you this. But it's a divine weapon after all, so I believe it will do the trick." The bracelet then floated towards Letitia.

"A divine weapon..."

Shock appeared on everyone's face. Some of them couldn't even believe what they were seeing and hearing with their own senses. 'A divine weapon is too simple?

That's a divine weapon for crying out loud!' Some people began to curse inwardly.

The most powerful treasures in the Central Region were only some mid-grade sacred weapons, and even those were very few in number. People might have read about them in books, but the general public at least had never seen them in real life.

And the old man had just said that as a present, the bracelet was too simple. It burned the other warriors up.

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