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   Chapter 1253 The Wedding Gift

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Margaret busied herself in the kitchen in the Cloud Hall. The way she held the kitchen knife was kind of stiff, but her swift motions of chopping made the knife glow with the sharpness of cold silver light.

Today was Letitia and Zen's wedding day, and it seemed like she was absent-minded while doing the chore. The knife she was using was made out of heptyl gold and was extremely sharp. Since Margaret was spacing out, she failed to notice the deep cutting marks she created against the ironwood chopping board.

The clamor of voices outside kept ringing in her ears and made her distracted.

Margaret helplessly pursed her lips as she continued chopping swiftly, turning the vegetables on the chopping board into tiny pieces.

"Caw, caw…"

The Ancestral Dragon let out a moan. Its tiny body curled up.

Ever since the Ancestral Dragon had secretly eaten the dishes cooked by Margaret some time ago, it had almost forgotten about Zen. This glutton had been staying with Margaret almost every day.

Margaret was in a trance. Perhaps, she unknowingly focused her attention on the commotion outside, so she slowed down in her work. The Ancestral Dragon made the noise to remind her to hurry up.

"Be patient. Wait for a while, and your meal will be ready," Margaret said with a smile. She was completely oblivious that she had already shredded the vegetables into a puree.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Above the Cloud Hall, a speck of sparkling and translucent radiance rose into the air, turning into multicolored clouds that spread beautifully across the sky. Margaret could see the scene clearly. But she didn't stop what she was doing. The ironwood chopping board had already been broken into several parts by her!

"Caw, caw…" the Ancestral Dragon whimpered again.

"Wait for a minute..." There was still a faint smile on Margaret's face as she appeased the Ancestral Dragon. But that smile never changed. It was like a mask, looking extremely stiff.

"Caw, caw…"


The kitchen knife in Margaret's hand was shoved firmly on the stove. Her soft body slightly trembled, and a powerful aura burst forth from her body. "Didn't I tell you to wait?"


Seeing that Margaret was about to go berserk, the Ancestral Dragon felt chills through its veins. It coiled up its small body immediately and buried its head in it.

In the Martial Arts Hall, the grand wedding ceremony was carried out in an orderly manner. And as expected of martial artists' wedding ceremony, it was usually very solemn. The cost of money for any part of this rite would entail a considerable amount that would be more than enough for an ordinary family to live for several hundred years. However, there was not so much red tape involved in Letitia and Zen's wedding ceremony.

Amidst the blessings and congratulations, Zen stood in the middle of the Martial Arts Hall, waiting for the arrival of the bride.

Soon, his bride's whole entourage slowly approached him on a cloud. Everyone's gaze focused on Letitia who was wearing a red robe. She was surrounded by many servants who were dressed beautifully for such an occasion.


come here to celebrate our wedding day, I'm already very contented. Please be seated here and have fun!"

The other guests also nodded their heads. The two maids beside them added a table to make him sit above the salt. Although these maids did not know how strong this old man was, from the reactions of the top masters in the Central Region, they knew the old man was not someone to be trifled with. Even though this old man looked quite messy, they all knew that he was akin to a powerful being, who was far beyond their wildest imagination. So he must have the seat of an honored guest.

To their surprise, the old man suddenly shook his head and said, "No!"

Zen's eyes flashed, confused. "Excuse me?"

"A wedding ceremony is a great event in one's life, how can I not prepare a wedding gift?" The old man then shook his head fervently.

A look of helplessness appeared on Zen's face. He wanted to roll his eyes in his heart, but he still managed to look nice. Why did some old men become so difficult to deal with as they were getting on in years? Perhaps in the future, when he grew old, he would also behave like this, he wondered.

However, before Zen could say anything, a few of the more brave guests started to clamor.

"Since you want to give them a wedding gift, then show it to us!"

"You intentionally said so to keep all of us in suspense. You've already prepared the wedding gift, right?"

"Then let everyone see what it is!"

These guests who were speaking did not have a high level of cultivation and were only at the primary stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm. However, it was Zen's wedding day, so they assumed that no matter how strong this old man was, he wouldn't make things look ugly in such an occasion.

The old man chuckled and nodded. "Ha-ha, how do you know that I've already had a gift for them?" With that, the old man's body instantly flashed, and he appeared right in front of Zen, who didn't even have time to react.

After that, he faced Zen with his eyes wide open. Then everyone saw Zen close his eyes and quickly fall to the ground!

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