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   Chapter 1252 Wedding

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The ice that Letitia had condensed was as hard as iron, but still Zen's power erupted, the muscles in his body trembling. Countless cracks appeared on the surface of the ice coffin. From the outside, the originally transparent and flawless ice coffin donned a milky white color due to the cracks.

This was followed by a sharp sound when the ice coffin suddenly shattered.

Letitia was still peeved. When the ice coffin collapsed, she once again released her strong life vitality and another ice coffin replaced it. However, soon after, Zen used his strength again and the new ice coffin broke down.

As the ice shards continued to condense and collapse underneath the pair of them, their number kept increasing. The ice shards gathered together to form a small ice mountain, causing the two to ascend higher and higher.

When Letitia went through her tribulation last time, the dome of the Ice Palace had almost been ruined by her. Afterward, it was reconstructed, leaving an opening in the dome. One could see the sky through it in the middle of the palace.

As the ice mountain continued to rise, it pushed the two of them through the opening in the roof.

Letitia's Ice Palace was not only built in the deepest part of the Cloud Hall, it was also the highest point.

Guards patrolled the Cloud Hall. Their eyesights and vision were strong. If the warriors below looked up, they would witness the scene at the top of the Ice Palace.

Zen still held Letitia tightly in his arms when the ice mountain lifted them out of the roof.

"Why is there an ice mountain growing out of the Ice Palace?"

"Could it be that the leader is in the process of cultivating a new method? Is there a new breakthrough?"

"Idiot! Can't you see that there are two people on top of the ice mountain?"

Although the discussions were taking place quite far away, as a Life and Death Realm warrior, Letitia had a keen sense of hearing. Even though their voices were hushed, she could hear them clearly.

She felt embarrassed and ashamed. Lowering her voice, she said to Zen angrily, "Let go of me!"

"I'm not letting you go!" Zen said to Letitia with resolution.

"Please!" Letitia had never begged in her life, but she felt she had no other choice.

"It's useless even if you beg me." A trace of a smile surfaced on Zen's face.

The various elders, stewards, and disciples of Cloud Hall realized that they must stay away and give Letitia and Zen some private moments, but they could not contain their curiosity. More and more p

s rare gifts alone were the size of a small hill about twenty to thirty feet high.

The Cloud Hall had been whitewashed and had a bright, new look.

The three divine textures created by Zen had made the Cloud Hall's runic expert, Felix, feel inferior to him. Even if he expended all his energy, he still wouldn't be able to set up a sect-protecting array as strong as Zen's.

However, Felix's talent in runes was nothing to be ashamed of. By studying Zen's divine textures, his knowledge of runes had increased manifold. Other than Zen, no one else in the Central Region was stronger than him. This time, Felix did help Zen.

He created several runes to decorate the Cloud Hall. Their power was not exceptional, but as long as one replenished life vitality crystals to activate the runes, they effused different colors. Some rays projected onto the enchanted barrier named the Light of Water and morphed into flying dragons and phoenixes, dancing on top of it with exuberance.

In the Cloud Hall's Martial Arts Hall, a dense pack of warriors had gathered from all over Central Region. These big names were all leaders of various top clans and sects.

Of course, the sect leaders of the fourth-grade sects, including the Mysterious Luna Hall, Bloodwood Cliff and Black Mountain Sect, were all present.

When they had first met Zen, he had merely been a junior at the Illuminating Soul Realm. However, right before their eyes, Zen's cultivation level soared without limits, and soon no one in the Central Region could contend with him. As they came up to congratulate him, they sighed in their hearts. They used to look down on him, but now all they could do was worship him.

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