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   Chapter 1251 Pestering

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Although Margaret seemed rather stupid while dealing with most things, she was very clear on matters regarding affection.

She was keenly aware that she could not monopolize Zen. She did not want other women to get close to him, but she also knew that Zen was promising and would become someone remarkable in the future. He had already become the strongest person in the Central Region at such a young age. Certainly, he would not be limited to the small Central Region in the time ahead.

Margaret would be deeply satisfied if she were to marry such a famous talent. But how could she possibly attempt to control him?

Letitia had gone off in a huff, but Margaret just ignored her. Margaret was not someone to be trifled with. She could not sympathize with Letitia, but she understood that Letitia was important to Zen. She had said the words because she did not want to see Zen upset.

"Why? What should I do if I go there?" Zen asked, forcing a smile.

Margaret returned a smile, whispering into Zen's ear, "Don't all women want to be coaxed? She is the hall leader, but she is still childish when it comes to affection. She will be happier if you coax her with a few nice words..."

Margaret's voice sounded soft and pleasant as she talked to Zen.

Zen smiled and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "You sound like you're very experienced."

Margaret's face turned red, her eyes rolling as she shot Zen a coquettish glance. "Well, I'm not that experienced! I'm just giving you some advice!"

However, Margaret's words calmed Zen down a little. Although he felt that it was not easy to deal with this matter, he still knew that there were some things that he had to face on his own.

After arranging a place for Margaret to stay, he was prepared to enter the Cloud Hall. However, suddenly, the Ancestral Dragon in the spirit beast bag on Zen's back stuck out its small head and let out a 'quack' toward Margaret. The dragon's face revealed a friendly expression.

"This little dragon..." Zen began, shaking his head.

When he had been in the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place, the Demon Night members had gifted him a small spirit beast bag.

Normally, a Sumeru Space could not keep living creatures. However, the space of the spirit beast bag had been specifically designed and arranged for them. Although there wasn't much of it, it was enough for the young Ancestral Dragon to live inside.

Perhaps the little dragon wanted to come out and get some fresh air after being stuffed up in the spirit beast bag for so long. This time, when it saw Margaret, it cried out to her and

, just as Letitia was digging with all her might, a hand suddenly stretched out from the pile of ice dregs and grabbed her waist, pulling her up to the dregs. Zen slowly climbed out.

Seeing that Zen was safe and sound, Letitia was both surprised and happy. However, anger and grievance replaced the emotions again.

She had indeed been very worried just now. After all, her strength had increased manifold after she reached the Life and Death Realm. Her attack had been intense, but she did not expect Zen to emerge completely unharmed.

Letitia was aware that since Zen had become a Life and Death Realm warrior, his strength had increased by a lot. She did not think that it would grow to this extent.

"You... Get your hands off me!" Letitia was shy and furious at the same time. Her small and soft body struggled in Zen's embrace.

But Zen wasn't willing to let go of her. He wrapped his arms around Letitia's waist even more tightly, holding her by his side. With Zen's current strength, how could Letitia break free?

After struggling for a while, Letitia was exhausted. Her stiff body relaxed, but she still had on a long face as she stared at Zen with hatred.

An idea suddenly struck her. Streams of life vitality burst out from her body, condensing into a large number of ice crystals that wrapped around Zen and transformed into a huge ice coffin. As the ice crystals accumulated one layer at a time, the coffin got larger and larger, tightly freezing the two of them inside.

The cold was indeed piercing, but Letitia's ferocious face only escalated Zen's desire for her.

It could be that Zen was unable to coax Letitia with some nice words, but he could use his actions to prove his affection for her.

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