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   Chapter 1250 Margaret's EQ

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Margaret contentedly leaned into Zen's embrace in joyful bliss. Right now, all that mattered was him and his comforting presence. Their surroundings and the current context of the situation did not matter so long as he was here.

The young woman's obvious smile was like a thorn that pierced through Letitia's heart.


The loud, clanging sound reverberated in her ears as the ice halberd fell from her grasp and shattered into a thousand crystal pieces of life vitality that dissipated and returned to the vitality of heaven and earth.

"Master, I want to go back," Letitia murmured, turning away from the offending scene in front of her. Her back was straight and her gait was elegant, like an ice phoenix that flew back towards the Cloud Hall, heartbroken, but dignified. Zen, however, could tell that she was hurt.



both Zen and Imogen shouted at the same time.

The elder cast a burning glare at Zen before quickly following behind a sulking Letitia.

A few elders remained despite Letitia's and Imogen's departure. One of them was Saint Morphens, who smiled bitterly at Zen.

The young man had risen in leaps and bounds when it came to cultivation, and his extraordinary luck helped him survive multiple near-death experiences, but the same could not be said for his love life.

It was normal for warriors to have multiple women. War kings and war emperors from the Divine Kingdom Continent even had thousands. An ordinary Illuminating Soul Realm warrior in the Central Region would normally have a group of women that he would regularly indulge in sexual relationships with.

However, Letitia was different. Saint Morphens feared that she was someone who would never concede to such an arrangement. Moreover, Imogen was fiercely protective of Letitia and would not just stand by while Zen had another woman with him. Saint Morphens could only hope that Zen would be able to solve this matter on his own.

Zen wanted to follow Letitia, but Margaret was already curled up in his arms like a sheep. She was obviously very emotionally overwhelmed, and he had no idea how to deal with it.

This wasn't his line of expertise. He was a hardened warrior who only knew the ways of battle and the path of cultivation. He had no experiences whatsoever when it came to love and emotions.

Meanwhile, Letitia was already inside her Ice Palace where icy mist had already filled the place.

A lifelike ice phoenix flew slowly around her. Although this ice phoenix was a creature produced by visualization, it had gained some semblance of intelligence for having existed

t stay by his side.

Men absolutely adored this kind of woman.

Letitia thought about this for a while. Silence and the mysterious mist surrounded both master and pupil before Letitia's eyes finally brightened in realization. "I can't do it now," she said.

Imogen, however, heaved a sigh of relief. Being unable to do it now did not mean that she would not be able to do it in the future. It seemed her pupil had thought things through.

Meanwhile, in a quiet place in Cloudy City, both Xander and Zen found a chance to catch up and talk. Xander immediately expressed his gratitude towards Zen in helping rebuild the Ethereal Spirit Sect. If it weren't for him, the Heavenly Evil Sect would've still used their base as headquarters and they would've been completely erased from history.

As Zen talked with Xander, his mind couldn't help but wander towards Letitia. Although she betrayed no expression on her fair face earlier, her figure that slowly floated away made his heart ache.

Xander was a clever man. The reason he stood up for Margaret before was because she had no one else to rely on. But with Zen here, it would now be improper for him to get involved. Besides, Margaret had the upper hand in this. Zen also carried a lot of responsibility when it came to this issue.

After their chat, Xander got up and left with Brent. Before leaving, Brent's face was full of smiles and he kept asking Zen when he'd marry his sister.

Once the people from the Ethereal Spirit Sect left, Margaret's smile disappeared and a serious expression fell on her face. "I think you should go to the Cloud Hall," she suggested.

"Why should I? I'm not going," Zen said.

A smile appeared on her face. "Are you really not going?"

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