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   Chapter 1249 An Appointment For A Fight

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Letitia quietly sat in her seat, seemingly detached from all that was happening around her.

However, Imogen continuously attacked Margaret verbally and the argument had now taken a nasty turn.

Margaret had initially been very obedient and silent when she was with Zen but the insults thrown at her right now were too much. Imogen might be a Life and Death Realm master but Margaret felt no fear. She had her great-grandfather beside her, after all.

"Master Imogen, you said I'm not worthy of Zen but so what?" she said stubbornly. "Although Zen and I haven't officially gotten married, we've already done everything that a wife and husband are supposed to do!"

Her words plunged the entire hall into an uncomfortable silence.

A cup of top-grade, hundred-year-old wine sat untouched in front of Letitia but the moment Margaret spoke, she extended her jade-like fingers and downed the alcohol in one gulp. Her cultivation assured her that she would never get drunk but the strong taste still made her face flush, "Shameless," she muttered coldly.

Sex was not a taboo subject in the martial arts world but the way Margaret boldly announced it to the entire Cloud Hall was a bit crass and insensitive.

Letitia's remark made Xander fly into a rage. "How can you speak like that…"

Of course, Imogen wasn't just going to let an outsider chide Letitia in their own territory. Not long after, the silence had once again plunged into a chaos of sharp words and nasty arguments.

Not even Dillon, who was an exceptional mediator, could settle the two parties' differences. This confrontation went on for quite a long time before ending with Margaret issuing a challenge to Letitia for a fight.

"The location of the fight is in Cloudy City?" Zen asked after Dillon told him the whole story.

Dillon nodded with certainty, "Yes. It's in Cloudy City!" The moment Dillon confirmed the location, Zen was already on the move and immediately dashed towards the portal to Cloudy City.

From the perspective of the World Commercial Alliance, the issue could've been solved peacefully, with no need for a formal challenge to a fight. For them, it was better that everyone prioritized settling their differences and living harmoniously.

But it wasn't their place, and besides, Zen had already returned. Perhaps he was the key to resolving this conflict once and for all.

Once he entered the portal of the Oracle City, Zen swiftly flew through the channel headed towards Cloudy City. With his fast skilled bodily movement, it only took him a very short time to reach the other end of the channel.


There was a flash of white light as Zen's figure emerged from the transmission array and into Cloudy City.

Several guards were statione

ere was a gentle smile on his face. He looked at Margaret and then at Letitia. "What are you ladies doing?" he asked, pretending as if he didn't know anything.


The sight of the young man filled Margaret's heart with relief. She really didn't want to fight with Letitia to begin with and the huge swords from the sky immediately vanished as she ran towards Zen.

Meanwhile, Letitia was still on guard, her mysterious ice halberd pointed at Margaret as she stared at Zen. She would never do something so brazen like throwing herself into a man's arms, just as Margaret did just now, but there was an evident trace of sadness in her eyes as she looked at the scene.

Huge smiles broke out from both Xander and Brent when they saw Zen. They both greeted Zen with smiles.

Brent, the Ethereal Spirit Sect's top talent, had always wanted to challenge Zen but never really got the chance. Still, he called him "brother-in-law."

Imogen's face quickly twisted in anger when she heard it, letting out a cold, obvious snort to indicate her displeasure.

Zen quickly turned his attention to her and cupped his hands. "Master Imogen, I heard that you've recently returned from overseas. Congratulations! I'm very happy to see you."

Imogen tutted, "Are you really happy? I think you must have wished I died when I was away overseas!" Imogen had always thought highly of Zen but his relationship with Margaret made her furious at the young man.

Zen, however, retained the smile on his face knowing that resolving the conflict between the two ladies was the most important thing on the agenda. Since Imogen was clearly on Letitia's side, of course she would be hostile to him.

As for Letitia, she remained as still as an exquisite ice statue but the moment she looked at Margaret's face, a cold chill surfaced on her face.

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