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   Chapter 1248 The Unexpected Dispute

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It had been quite a while since Dillon had constantly watched the Heavenly Stellar Palace. When he heard that Zen had finally returned, he immediately rushed over to meet him.

Meanwhile, Zen was confused when he saw Dillon's anxious expression. What was he about to hear this time?

A few puffs of air escaped Dillon's lips before he relaxed, and told Zen everything. After that, Zen suddenly realized that Margaret and Letitia had fought again. What was their fight about now?

It was known that Margaret's and Letitia's cultivation bases were far from each other. Letitia was a Life and Death Realm master, while Margaret was only at the Internal Elixir Realm. The Virtual Tribulation Realm lay between those two cultivation bases, so they clearly weren't at the same level.

However, Margaret's strength wasn't easily measured. She wasn't just an ordinary warrior, since she relied not on her own strength but on the Purple Power World's assistance from beginning to the end...

As of now in the entire Central Region, Zen had both killed Eddie and Simon. Other than a few independent warriors who had yet to appear, Letitia and Margaret were probably the strongest and most powerful. If those two fought, a highly intense battle might ensue.

It wasn't long after Zen had destroyed the Heavenly Evil Sect that he had brutally killed Simon. The few members of the Heavenly Evil Sect who wanted to revive their sect were finally defeated, and the entire Central Region gradually became stable.

The rebuilding of the Ethereal Spirit Sect and the Ethereal City also progressed slowly but orderly. The other sects also developed steadily, and the same could be said for the Cloud Hall and the World Commercial Alliance. On the other hand, the warriors had fewer and fewer things to talk about...

Then suddenly, the battle between Margaret and Letitia became a hot topic in the Central Region, and it spread quickly like wildfire.

Before, the warriors who loved to guess and gossip believed that Letitia and Zen were romantically involved. While most warriors knew about the relationship between Margaret, the young lady of the Xi Clan, and Zen, they didn't know that it was she who had summoned the numerous swords that had killed the people of the Heavenly Evil Sect that day.

Currently, the argument between the two women had escalated into a fight. Such news had of course, spread quickly.

When news of it had spread, many began to feel jealous of Zen. Aside from Margaret being Xander's granddaughter, Letitia attracted many warriors in the Central Region. However, Letitia always looked aloof on the exterior and had a high position and cultivation base. Thus, ordinary warriors were inferior to her. Most warriors who fancied her could only admire her in secret, and had no chances of getting close to her.

But Zen had these two women infa

own that Zen, who was quite powerful, had killed Eddie and even found some super masters to kill the masters of the divine kingdoms. But when she heard Xander mention Margaret so suddenly, she was surprised and her expression quickly changed. She turned around to look for Letitia and saw the younger woman with an unreadable face. At that moment, Imogen, who was known for her violent temper, got furious.

She knew that Letitia liked Zen. Before, she didn't think that Zen was good enough to deserve her most outstanding disciple, but now it seemed that the two of them were a perfect match. One was the leader of the Cloud Hall, the strongest sect in the Central Region, and the other one was the strongest warrior in the Central Region! They were definitely made for each other, but why did Margaret suddenly appear to meddle in their relationship?

"She is just a nobody. How could she even deserve to marry a powerful warrior like Zen?"

Everyone present were all reputable figures. Although the Ethereal Spirit Sect was under reconstruction, Xander wasn't easy to deal with. It was only a matter of time before the Ethereal Spirit Sect would be powerful and prosperous just like before. Xander pulled a long face upon hearing Imogen. He was quite fond of Margaret, so how could he tolerate such insults towards her?

Thus, the two of them began to quarrel and tension quickly filled the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Dillon, Hobbes, and the rest looked worried. They regretted holding such a banquet. No one expected that such a small matter would cause a commotion.

If only Xander and Imogen argued, then this matter would be over. And everything would have to be discussed after Zen returned. But when Brent saw his sister being insulted like that, he was unhappy and thus spoke out in Margaret's defense.

Soon enough, Letitia and Margaret themselves got involved, and the ruckus had gotten worse.

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